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Creative Wall Paper

March 6, 2010

Here is some creative inspiration on how to turn your drab walls into a creative expression!

Paint Swatches

Paint Swatches by Scott Pendergast

There is a growing movement of artists that collect those free paint swatches from the local hardware store and put them to use creating beautiful and bright collages. Scott Pendergast found a unique new function for these freebies by coating a wall in his bedroom. I love the way he created a gradient across the wall…and so well spaced! I wouldn’t say it is easier than painting but it is worth the trouble. If you don’t feel right taking off with Home Depot’s supplies, design*sponge suggests contacting the paint department to see if they can order in a custom selection of swatches for a small fee.



These incredibly unusual wall paper designs are created by a Design company in Weimar, Germany. Surrealien takes into account door frames, windows, plugs, switches and wall hangings to custom warp the pattern in a  wallpaper of your choice. The results are impressive! Check out more designs at their website and find out more about ordering.

Christiaan Postma

Christiaan Postma

This cool Calendar wallpaper allows you to stand back and absorb an entire year of activities and events. I really love this idea. At the moment it is just a concept by designer Christiaan Postma in Stockholm, Sweeden. I would hope that the final product allows you to wipe the slate clean and start fresh every year! What a fun idea!

Light Emitting Wallpaper

Light Emitting Wallpaper

This wall paper, called Ecco luce designed by Jonas Samson, incorporates LED lights into the wall that illuminate it’s surface. For a first run concept there are plenty of features that make this wallpaper desireable. As well as being a more eco-friendly lighting solution, each design is entirely customizable. Your designs can move, dim, and interact when touched. For more details you can visit the Ecco Luce website.


Vinyl Wall Art

November 16, 2009

Vinyl wall stickers are EVERYWHERE, and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. I really love graphic images and I think they can be a really beautiful accent on a wall, but I also think they can very easily go wrong. There are so many of them out there to choose from and they’re an inexpensive option of filling a big empty wall.  And make sure it is a big wall!

Art like this needs a lot of space. If you have a space big enough to have a wall with minimal furniture pressed up against it, then you can probably pull off one of these. (that’s certainly not this apartment!) Even if you have a lot of space, some of the wall art I’ve seen is still too big and overwhelming…and some of it’s just tacky. But here are a few from etsy shops that I like from excellent etsy sellers…even If my apartment can’t handle it!

Birds on a Wire

Birds on Powerline by Walldecors

This vinyl wall sticker, Birds on a Powerline by Walldecors is a very pretty and delicate cut. It would look lovely above a couch even if you dont have an entirely bare wall. Although I think it’s important that the wire has definite places to land or it might look awkward!

Dog Pissing by Pop Wall

Dog Pissing by Pop Wall

This one is just quirky…and I love dogs! It’s not exactly appropriate for general living space, but I’d stick this in my craft room for sure! You can pick this up at Pop Wall‘s Etsy store. Whats great about this company is that they can custom design a decal for your room off choice. Just sent them a photo of the wall or space you would like to fill and they design a piece that flows with the room and space!

Fancy Birds

Fancy Birds by SixUnderATree

These birds are just bright and beautiful. They’re small enough that you could group them or scatter them around a room. I could see them in a little girl’s room or a kitchen. Bright and simple! SixUnderATree as lots of cute decals available in their etsy store.