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Happy Easter!

April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I am off to Connecticut to visit family. Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Lucky Libations

March 14, 2010

Over the past week I have been sharing with you the preparations for our St. Patrick’s Day bash coming this weekend. I’ve had a strict budget to keep to and I’ve been able to put together some great DIY ideas for decorations, food and last but not least, St. Patrick’s Day drinks!

Clearly one  choice item for Paddy’s day drinking is Guinness! Guinness can be expensive for a large party though. Instead, try mixing up a Black and Tan! A Black and tan is made by pouring a lighter beer over the back of a spoon and into a glass of Guinness. The spoon will keep your head of foam from deflating or the glass from bubbling over. If you buy a less expensive light beer you can cut the expense down on serving Guinness.

St Patricks Day Drinks

Irish coffee is usually the combination of whiskey and black coffee, but another version is coffee with baileys. Although both of these will be offered for our party, plain ‘ol non-alcoholic coffee will be on hand. Here is a fun way to spice up an old stand by. I’ve rubbed down sugar cubes with mint leaves to infuse them with a touch of flavor and give them a fun green color. Try using cinnamon sticks, rose petals, and lemon rinds. All of these will add lovely color and flavor to your coffee! Save the shredded remains of the mint leaves for a simple syrup.

St Patricks Day Drinks

Our fancier drink is going to be a Champaign cocktail mixed with green Cream de Minthe liquor. I bought plastic Champaign glasses at the party store and printed out little flags with Irish slang on them. Mostly insults…it will be fun to get everyone in the feisty Irish spirit! Download my St. Patricks Day Champaign glass flags here! StPatsFlags

I have decided to rim the glasses with green sugar and a mint simple syrup. Dying sugar is easy. Get a rubber glove or wrap a finger in plastic wrap to keep your fingers dye free. Fill a small bowl with sugar and add one or two drops of food coloring. Rub the sugar around until the lumps of dye disappear and your color is even. For the simple sugar, put in the left over shreds of mint from the sugar cubes in a pot with equal parts sugar and water. Dissolve the sugar and heat on low to make the sugar. Let the mint steep in the syrup to absorb the flavor. Strain it in a bowl and you can use it after it cools to rim the gasses!
St Patricks Day Drinks

For the designated drivers and non-drinkers of the party, we are putting together a green punch. Sprite or 7-Up with lime sorbet and pineapple juice is an easy, inexpensive mix!

Please read more about all of the St. Patrick’s Day ideas and enjoy the holiday!

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How To (Paper Garland)

March 9, 2010

This is a really easy party decoration that you can pull off with what you have at home. You can use plain paper you have around the house, print out some beautiful patterns, or buy some sparkly patterned paper from the craft store.

Depending on how you would like the finished product to look, glue two pieces of paper together so you have pattern on both sides. Use a festive hole punch to pop out large shapes or just cut circles, squares, diamonds…whatever you like! I was hoping to find a shamrock but instead I found this 1.5 inch flower. Close enough!

St. Pats Day Decorations

While you’re at it, cut out a few sheets of extra punches to use as confetti!

Pull some extra thread out of your machine so you have enough left over thread to tie up your garland. Stack two flowers together and sew down the center. Back stitch at either end of the flower.

Lift the foot and pull the flower out the back of the machine a bit so you leave a space before you add the next pair of flowers. Continue this until your garland is long enough.

St. Pats Day Decorations

Clip the garland from the machine. Take one of the flower pairs and fold each flower in half away from the other. It will make an “X” shape if you look at it from the end.

St. Pats Day Decorations

Fold all of your flowers in half…and you’re done! I made six strands to hang from the chandelier in the dining room.

St. Pats Day Decorations

Up next I’ll show you some fun cellophane lamp covers in green, green party poofs, and potted paper shamrocks with green M&M’s.

How To (Rainbow Cupcakes)

March 9, 2010

I’ve been seeing this fun recipe around for rainbow cupcakes and I thought they would be perfect for the St.Patrick’s Day party I am planning for my parent’s neighborhood. Tonight was the test run…and I am so glad I gave it a test run! It’s a bit time consuming but the end results are so pretty it makes it well worth the effort.

Rainbow Cupcakes

It really is as easy as mixing up your favorite boxed cake mix. I prefer a chocolate cake but you obviously can’t get pretty colors out of that. The Pillsbury deluxe moist cake was delicious in classic white.

Evenly divide your batter into six cups. Mix up your ROYGBIV’s (or in this case skip the indigo)It takes VERY LITTLE batter from each color. It’s important that you fit all of your colors into the cup and still have 1/3 rd of the free at the top. I didn’t manage to fit it all in with enough space left and they flowed out all over (in beautiful rainbow cupcake waterfalls) and made a mess. This is why I did a test run!

Start with either red or purple in the bottom of the very well greased and floured cup cake papers. I started mine with red because for some reason I wanted purple on top…It doesnt really matter. Incase you don’t know rainbow order…Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet.

To spread each color thinly to the edge, wet your finger with water and push the batter around to the edges.

Pop them in the oven and bake for the instructed time on the box. Let them cool well before you remove the papers.

I wouldn’t use the cillicone cups again for these as I think there would be more advantage in being able to tear the paper instead of the cupcake when needed. I also might skip the orange just to cut back on the number of layers I need to fit in. It didn’t show up as beautifully as the rest of the colors anyway.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I topped them off with a “cloud” of piped cream cheese frosting because it is the only kind worth eating, and a gold coin for the gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s not a chocolate coin but that’s all I had. A chocolate coin would obviously make people happier.

Rainbow Cupcakes

I just love how bright those colors are! I’m glad I went for a test run on these because the next run will be heaps better for the party.

Check back again this week to see more festive DIY ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day party! I’ll be working on decorations tomorrow.

Chilly Pigs

December 1, 2009

I’m not going to be with my Guinea pigs for their first Christmas this year so I sewed up their gifts and left them behind.

Chilly Pigs!

It’s getting into the heat of summer and those guinea pigs with their long hair can barely stand the heat! We normally put an ice pack in a sock for them to cuddle up to, but I decided for their Christmas gift that I would sew guinea pigs out of towels to put their ice packs in. They’re much more fun to cuddle up to 🙂

Chilly Pigs!

I wish I could be there to see how happy they are with them but I’ll have to wait for photos to come my way!

Ho Ho Home for the Holidays

November 28, 2009

The Holidays are in full swing! I love this time of year, Especially now that allll my gift making is done super early and I can just enjoy the season. For those of you still in frantic mode, here is some cheer to put in your cup a la Etsy!

Red Nosed Reindeer Tutu Dress

Red Nosed Reindeer Tutu Dress by TutuFairy

Before I had decided to make my niece’s their Felt Tea Party, I was planning on making them Tutu Fairy costumes. They’re so cute and they’re all over the place. I really love this one because it’s a full dress and the hem is cut beautifully. (see the link for photos of the hem.) Its longer in the back and short in the front. It’s almost like a more Formal Tutu. I could see a little one wearing this to a party and not just for dress up. I also like that it’s christmasy without being red and green. Just beautiful! There is another in the store that’s all green with little ornaments. The shape of the dress lends itself perfectly to a christmas tree! Check out their shop at

Girl and Boy Elf Pillow Covers

Girl and Boy Elf Pillow Covers by DesignsbyNancyT

These are super cute to jazz up the bedroom for Christmas. It’s such a quirky design for christmas! Check out the DesignsbyNancyT Etsy store.

Black and Green Kneehigh Slippers

Black and Green Kneehigh Slippers by TheCrocodileRock

I love love love these slippers! They’re on my Christmas list for sure. I’ve always loved things that hug my legs in the winter. I have a huge collection of legwarmers and knee high socks, and now I want these cute slippers. I like the floral pattern and they look so cozy. They remind me of the extra boots eskimos wear inside their mukluks. I bet they would be great inside winter boots for sledding too! Check out more of her cozy knitted slippers in her Etsy Store.

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka by TwoGuitars

Mele Kalikimaka is one of my favorite Christmas songs and always makes me think of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. These cards are beautiful, simple, and so different! Check out more great prints from TwoGuitars in their Etsy store.

Custom Silhouette Ornament

Custom Silhouette Ornament by Ohanabylea

My mom always puts an ornament on our packages at Christmas, and these custom cut silhouette ornaments are such a beautiful keepsake. I’d imagine you’d have to get your order in quick to ensure it in time for christmas so get in and order now! Order at Ohanabylea‘s Etsy store.

Gobble Gobble!

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope you all enjoy the holiday with family and friends…Eat as much as you like!

My mom is a fantastic cook and I’ll be sharing her thanksgiving recipes this coming week that you can try out during the upcoming season…Including a pumpkin spice triffle!