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Off With Her Head!

January 9, 2010

My mom was able to get the week after New Years off and we spent the entire week on the couch recovering from a stomach bug and watching all three seasons of The Tudors on dvd. By the end of it we were speaking with terrible accents and ordering the dogs around like ladies in waiting!

Anyway, I couldn’t help but be caught up in all the beautiful costumes the women wore (and even some of the men’s). Here is some Tudor inspiration from Etsy!

monogrammed initial wax seal pendant by RitzyMisfit

monogrammed initial wax seal pendant by RitzyMisfit

One thing I love on the show–er time period– is all of the letter writing with beautiful pens and ink and the wax seals on them. I would love to own a wax seal although I can’t think of much occasion to use one. I could never resist playing with hot wax when I’m around candles, and I love the sound when they pull the stamp off the wax. Simple pleasures! These beautiful monogrammed necklaces are from RitzyMisfit and feature a stamped pendant with the letter of your choice!

Vintage Crystal Sterling Ring by jorgensenstudio

Vintage Crystal Sterling Ring by jorgensenstudio

The jewels at this time were absolutely stunning although most of us couldn’t find occasion to wear what would probably now be considered gaudy. I remember seeing the Crown Jewels in London and as i was conveyor-belted past I just stood with my mouth open thinking THOSE STONES ARE SO HUGE! It was also strange after having studied art history and seen so many paintings of English Royalty wearing these pieces, that there they were… “Props” from those old old paintings…

Etsy seller jorgensenstudio makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry, most of it ornate and vintage-looking. I love beautiful vintage and intricate bands on rings. His work is very beautiful and very wearable…and affordable!

Anne Boleyn style Double Strand Necklace by duchessa

Anne Boleyn style Double Strand Necklace by duchessa

This necklace is fashioned after one Anne Boleyn was known for wearing in her portraits. Etsy seller Duchessa makes these beautiful necklaces with an initial of your choice! It’s a pretty thing to wear I think.

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Sybarit Board Game!

December 8, 2009

After complaining about how behind I’ve felt on everything…I did very little yesterday. I blame my mom, she brought home a board game called Sybarit.

New word for me! Sybarit apparently means someone who is all for the finer things in life. The game has 2400 trivia questions that refer to food, drink, dining, and etiquette.

Players draw from a special deck of cards that have similar face and number cards to regular playing cards but the suits correspond to Food, etiquette, Drink and a Question Mark which has random and interesting facts. Pulling one of these cards tells you what category your question comes to, and the number or face on the card corresponds to points.
I watch a LOT of food network and my mom and I are pretty well versed in random bits of information, but this game was tough! The questions were difficult but also yielded some really interesting facts. I recommend it even though it was hard. It’s a good adult party game to serve up with your cocktails and in the end despite all of my negative points…I won! 🙂
Which thistle can be eaten and enjoyed with butter?