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Flickr Treat!

February 3, 2010

After trolling the flickr groups for inspiration…these crafts found their way to the top!

strike handmade clutch bag by stripy cat

strike handmade clutch bag by stripy cat

I love the off center flap and the bright button! Beautiful and simple!

Bathtime Robot by Lisastarchild

Bathtime Robot by Lisastarchild

awww… theres also a super cute little robot in a tub of noodles!

Roma Roma-ma by Stay Home

Roma Roma-ma by Stay Home

and lastly…I must confess, I am caught up in the GaGa craze. This little doll is super cute. She’s got the look and the bow down pat!


Flickr Finds

December 14, 2009

I was trolling around flickr today looking for pretty things to share with you since my own pretty things are in hiding for christmas. There are some great flickr craft groups and it didn’t take long to find a few things I liked!

Los Trillizos Westie

Los Trillizos Westie by agustina

My mom is a westie owner and so I was particularly partial to these adorable little westie pins by augustina. Check out more of her hand made goodies on her flickr page by clicking the photo.

Mini Moo Box Camera

Mini Moo Box Camera by Hine

I love this little felt camera by Hine. She’s constructed it out of a Mini Moo cards box! I may have to order some mini moos just to make this. By clicking her photo you can see all of the other great felt constructions she’s been working on. She has some really creative phone cases and camera cases!

Tomboy Bifold Wallet

Tomboy Bifold Wallet by BCharmer

I love love LOVE this wallet by BCharmer. I have to agree with her that boy wallets hold your goodies much better than ours and I love that shes patterned something so cute and girly for us. Her selection of fabrics is fantastic! Check out more of her hand made goodies by clicking on her photo.

Horray for Soopsee!

October 28, 2009

I’ve been looking for a way to better integrate my etsy store, flickr account, and my wordpress blog. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow advertising and incorporating my etsy store would count as such.

Soopsee to the rescue! I found Soopsee through the Etsy labs…the place were developers are thinking up ways to make Etsy work for you. Soopsee will host a website that will display your blog posts along side your etsy products, as well as link to flickr accounts, tweets, and where ever else your work can be found. Posts and products are automatically updated every half hour.

Soopsee is still in it’s beta phase and developments are still being made but it’s a great concept and I’m really excited about it. I’d also like to thank Ed, who is at the other end of the soopsee email and working very hard to make Soopsee a success. He’s been really helpful to me over the last day with all of my questions.

Little changes are coming, like the ability to change link titles. And I’d like the importing of my blog to be smoother…the photos skip around when they’ve moved from wordpress to my new site. You can be a part of the development of soopsee and help influence changes if you plan on using it here!

If you look at the tool bar of my blog on the right hand side you’ll notice a badge that says I’m on Soopsee. Clicking there will take you to the new site.

The new site address is easy peasy….!

I recommend you give soopsee a look. I’m excited about where it’s headed!