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A Two-fer Deal!

June 1, 2010
2 In 1 Zipper Shoe

2 In 1 Zipper Shoe

I cannot get enough of these supre cute and GENIUS 2 in 1 zippered sneakers by Nat-2.

This clever hightop sneaker design zips apart to reveal a comfortable looking sandal underneath. They come in lots of great styles and even as a lowtop design.

2 in 1 Zipper Shoe

2 in 1 Zipper Shoe

This design team from Germany has dedicated itself to innovation in style. They’ve been the recipient of multiple design awards such as the Red Dot award, the Innovation and Design award in 2007, the ISPO Brand New Award, and was named one of the 50 shoes that changed the world by the London Design Museum.

Their 4 in 1 Stack design converts a clog to a low top, high top and boot with detachable pieces.

4 in 1 Stack

4 in 1 Stack

How great would all of this be for travel??

I want…I want them all.


False Hope

April 9, 2010

I have to pardon myself again for my absence this week. Thankfully, design work has been plentiful and I cannot complain. That doesn’t leave much room for blogging though!

I am sitting here bundled in sweaters watching, once again, as snow falls on the trees out my back window. It isn’t much but it’s sad to see when just yesterday I was enjoying the sun.

To keep my spring spirits high, here are some light spring fashions… soon, oh so soon I can wear my dresses and sandals!

Betty Dress Japanese Cotton by Christinapires

Betty Dress Japanese Cotton by Christinapires

I love a good summer dress that’s easy to wear. I also love those pretty Japanese prints you see at the fabric store but I never know how to put them to use!

Sailor's Lover Blouse by Esoneofone

Sailor's Lover Blouse by Esoneofone

This could be so dressy or casual, either way perfect for a warm day by the water. It also comes in a really bright beautiful yellow.

Spring Floral Necklace by Divinerose

Spring Floral Necklace by Divinerose

These necklaces are really in style this year. I liked that this one isn’t too big…I can’t do too big or it makes me look even smaller. Good price too!

QT Canvas Tote by Kinies

QT Canvas Tote by Kinies

I can’t get enough of Kinies. They have a lot of really beautiful bags but I especially love this tote for market shopping.

Bare the cold weather folks, for how ever long it may last because the best time of the year is coming!

Liza Rietz

February 27, 2010

This morning I stumbled on a designer from Portland, Oregon. She has been creating custom clothing since 2001 and has sold her designs to high-end boutiques in major cities across the US and even has her own shop in Portland. You can find her designs at her web page,, or stop by her Etsy Store!

Her designs are unique and beautifully structured, and completely wearable! I really like that her clothing is made with clean natural fabrics, and the pow comes from unique silhouettes and structures and folds that are very unique and very well done.

Ruffle Dress by Lizarietz

Ruffle Dress by Lizarietz

Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit by Lizarietz

Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit by Lizarietz

Wool Cloche Light Gray by Lizarietz

Wool Cloche Light Gray by Lizarietz


Lovely Local

February 22, 2010

As I may have mentioned before I am living in Rochester, NY right now. It may not be the New York New York everyone in the rest of the world thinks of, but there is a whole lot of creativity in this city.

One example is my friend Kate, of KateMDot. I first heard of Kate’s lovely creations when she helped myself and our friend Teale with a creatively destructive project called “Trash the Dress.” Kate was very kind to make us a faux wedding dress to trash in the name of the art movement. The results were wonderful and I really appreciate her help with our fun day out.

Soaking it in

She was recently responsible for a repurposed fashion our friend wore for her wedding reception this year too.

you ought to give me wedding rings

Kate is on the right wearing a creation of her own, while the bride is on the left wearing her beautiful reception party dress!

I recently ran into Kate at the craft store picking out fabric for some new pieces in her etsy store and I thought I’d stop in and see what she’s been up to! Kate has been very busy with lots of new additions to her shop. Below are a few of my favorites.

Velvet Chocolate Truffle Dress by KateMDot

Velvet Chocolate Truffle Dress by KateMDot

Beaded Vintage Black Mesh Dress by KateMDot

Beaded Vintage Black Mesh Dress by KateMDot

Slit Cord Jumper by KateMDot

Slit Cord Jumper by KateMDot

Kate’s dresses, pants and tops are all made from recycled fashions. She does a beautiful job making them and makes a pretty good model too! Head over to Kate’s shop and check out more of her one of a kind, hand-made clothes!

The Learning Process

January 12, 2010

2nd try on the 1st try

My brother Aaron gave me a gift certificate to the craft store for Christmas and I spent it on fabric and patterns. I really want to take the time to learn all about following a pattern and making clothes.

This skirt is one of my first goes and while I do like it…there are a few lessons from it!

My zippers need some help.

My hem is too obvious. There has to be a better way!

The leather bit was not a part of the pattern and it was a bit ambitious for me to make things up before I had the hang of things. This is actually the second try on that. The first leather band was a bit tight so I managed to make a second with the scraps. Leather…as I should have guessed…is also not all that easy to sew with. This one fits better, and I am happy with the buttons but tearing the band off and replacing it with a slightly larger one somewhat messed up my pleats in the front. They’re not unbearable but they’re not as sharp and neat as I would like.

All and all, I have to say for a first try it’s not bad. Its wearable and I do like the look of it. There is another skirt I’ll post soon and hopefully I can really get into making clothes! I think my next project will be an off white or cream button down to go with this 🙂

Don’t forget! Win a Prize Here!

Tie Dress

December 8, 2009

I’ve been making a lot of “I’ll post soon” statements around here and I intend on catching up on those.

Recently I attended the wedding of my best friend Teale and my new best frenemie, Greg at a local art gallery. This was one of the many things that had kept me so busy lately.

I had promised Teale to wear something fabulous to her wedding and about seven months ago I decided to make my own dress for the wedding. I made this decision having never sewn anything successful in my life but it is with this dress that I bought myself a sewing machine and taught myself to sew.

Everything I have made since this project has gone quite well, but this one was a tough one for a starter! I’d like to do it again knowing everything I know now. I do like the dress, but if you were to look inside you’d say “What on earth is going on here??”

Anyway. Here it is…

I have to apologize. It is a small photo and a post-wedding photo. Alas, it is the only one I have because I took the wedding photos so I’m not in any. This was taken by my aunt to was at my house when I arrived home.

The dress is made entirely of vintage neck ties I collected from the vintage stores all over Sydney. I originally wanted black and white only but It only took me two shops to discover that would be nearly impossible on a reasonable budget so I caved on gray. I accented it with the only semi-full price (from paddy’s market) neck tie in fuscha that matched my hair and pinned at the knot to the top of my strapless dress making it a halter dress. The pink tie can also tie around the waist if I like.

The real work was in combining all of the ties. Each tie had to be torn up the back seam, stuffing removed, and sewn the neighboring tie. Once they were all together I sewed each tie up it’s back seam again. When all of ties were together side to side I treated it like a piece of fabric and used a strapless dress pattern on it making sure I cut the fabric to keep the ties in line. Beneath the dress is heaps of black toole.

I used my new found sewing skills 7 months later when I arrived here in Rochester 3 days before the wedding to correct all of my inexperience and it ended up fitting quite nicely. The shoes were a lucky find last minute at target! Black white and gray satin striped shoes.

I wish I had a better photo. If I find someone else has one I’ll post that too.

You Ought to Give me Wedding Rings

November 30, 2009

you ought to give me wedding rings

My beautiful best friend Teale Kelly married the wonderful Greg Fox on the 27th this week. I couldn’t be happier for them both! There wedding was beautiful and I was so glad to be able to be in Rochester for it. I loved that the wedding was a perfect representation of themselves. They did everything very non-traditional and pulled off an easy, comfortable, casual wedding that still had plenty of glam.

you ought to give me wedding rings

She wore a beautiful and simple off-white gown that matched her mother’s train perfectly. It was great that she was able to tie in a piece of her mother’s wedding with her beautifully apliqued train. She wore feather’s in her hair and thrift store find earrings (perfect!) as well as the big statement piece…designer red Louboutin shoes! Our good friend Sue from Surface Hair salon in the South Wedge in Rochester, NY did her hair 🙂 Greg wore a three-piece suit with a pocket watch (swanky!) and a red tie to match her shoes. Sue did Greg’s hair too. They looked so great!

you ought to give me wedding rings

The wedding and reception was held at Artisan Works, an art gallery and Co-Op In Rochester. It was a really funky, unique place to hold a wedding and provided something to do for the guests that don’t dance. It was so much fun to tool around the place with the happy couple to take photos. Just outside those doors is the bar where canapes and drinks were served while the room was transformed from ceremony to reception.

you ought to give me wedding rings

Teale and Greg had one of their first dates and Phillips European, a restaurant in Rochester, where they went for dessert. They decided to go with Phillip European’s beautiful desserts instead of a wedding cake which I thought was a more sentimental…and delicious…idea. They displayed so beautifully and really beat out the wedding cake idea for me!

you ought to give me wedding rings

The Reception went until 10 and a second after-party was hosted at local restaurant and cocktail bar Good Luck. Teale changed out of her wedding gown into this beautiful party dress that was made by her good friend Kate. Kate is a seamstress and Etsy seller that makes beautiful fashion creations. This dress was made out of a vintage sequined skirt that she shortened into a dress. The extra fabric was sewn on as cap sleeves and it was all synched off at the waist with a gold ribbon. It was so beautiful with her red shoes! Beautiful work Kate!

Kate did some work on her own dress too! She’s great with re-working vintage clothes.

Kate has made dresses for Teale and I before. The first time I met Kate she had made a faux wedding dress for Teale to wear and destroy as I took photos. We took her creation to Stoney Brook Park and wrecked it under water falls in the name of art. Kate was a good sport for creating it, Teale was a good sport for wearing it in cold cold water. 🙂 You’ll be hearing more about Kate around here soon!

Hot Flash

I made my own dress for the wedding too, unfortunately since I took the photos…I dont have any of the dress! I’ll make sure I find some soon to share with you. Its made entirely of recycled neckties in black, white and gray.

Congrats to the happy couple again, and now that this busy holiday weekend/moving is through, I hope to get head first back into the shop and the blog. Remember to take advantage of Cyber Monday free shipping at my Etsy store!

Ring your Neck

November 20, 2009

I love etsy style and I love all the great fashion accessories you can find for great prices. Here are a few of my favorite unique wish-list items for winter…

Haute Couture Scarf by Trendyknitting

Haute Couture Scarf by Trendyknitting

TrendyKnitting makes some really beautiful and original knitting patterns. In addition to scarves she has shrugs and gloves and shawls. I love the colors and ruffles on this scarf!

queen Ann's Lace Jersey Scarf

Queen Ann's Lace Jersey Scarf by CallaghanArtGallery

If there is one thing I never have enough of it’s scarves. CallaghanArtGallery has a great collection of these light jersey knit scarves screen printed with beautiful floral patterns or text. She has a great sale on for the holidays right now too… buy five get one free! Stock up on gifts at her etsy shop. Check out what else this full time artist is up to on her blog too.

Necklush Ultra Winterberry by Necklush

Necklush Ultra Winterberry by Necklush

A touch out of my price range but if there is some one you REALLY love then grab a Necklush! They’re just beautiful. Its heaps of seamless loops of cotton that can be worn as a necklace, scarf, or cowl. They come in tons of colors, thicknesses and lengths. Available for both men and women! They’ve been really successful with their etsy store and are breaking out in the fashion world. Pick up a necklush before everyone else does!

Bring Back the Pack!

November 4, 2009

And better than before!

I’m not much of a purse girl, mostly because I hate to carry them. I tend to forget about them and leave them behind. This designer based in Malaysia has come up with a new twist on the fanny pack that makes it not only acceptable for the average non-tourist…but a beautiful fashion accesory too!

Ruffled Waist Purse

Ruffled Waist Purse by Kinies

Around your waist it looks like a cute ruffled skirt, but also looks great as a purse over your shoulder too (for all those purse girls out there) Wear it on the side or behind. It clips with the same clip you find on regular fanny packs and has 3 interior pockets. I comes in tons of great colors and even patterns like Plaid. I love love love these bags and there is a sale on now! Get in there!

Check out all of her items at her Etsy store.