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Patina Purse

January 23, 2010

Patina Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Patina Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Only one of these pretty little purses available at Megnificent Made 🙂 It’s a favorite so get it while it’s hot!



November 12, 2009

camera pouch

Woodgrain and Camera Pouch by KayLah7

Well I love cameras, and I love silk screening…so I most definately love this pouch! Actually, it’s a set of two lovely pouches. Kaylah is the creator of these bits and pieces and you can find plenty more at her etsy store, KayLah7.

She has a great collection of zippered pouches in fabulous fabrics in addition to these two I’ve posted. But her shop has much much more! She keeps quite and eclectic (and large) inventory of goodies. Pocket mirrors, pencil cases, jewelry and pins. My favorite of her items is a little camera ring (and such great prices!)

You can follow kaylah on her blog too! She posts an interesting collection of creative inspiration that I recommend keeping up with.

Mission Accomplished!

October 20, 2009

I did it! A touch late, but I did it!

The weekend turned out a bit busy, and I ended up having some short notice design work, but today I finished my first batch of camera bags. Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect to find in the etsy store this week! Tomorrow I’ll start taking my product photos and get these available to you.

Camera Bags Batch 1

In addition to finishing the bags, this afternoon I whipped up my last “practice” coloring book. I had ordered a pattern on etsy from jcasa, although I’ve decided to stick with my original. I will thank jcasa for some excellent tips on how to put it all together. I’ve since added to mine a layer of felt for rigidity. Jcasa‘s pattern featured a trifold setup, like a brochure, and used an elastic loop closure with a button. It also has pockets to hold pads of paper.

I decided my original set up worked best to hold folded coloring book pages with a strand of ribbon. I also like the flap to protect the pages from the crayons. The larger size, as my dad suggested, was easier for little kids to draw on, and also lends itself to being framed after being colored. I’m also keeping with the cardboard backing in the book that will make it easier to color in, but I’ve found a much cleaner way of inserting it and have stopped trying to sew around it.
Whale Book

I’ve also abandoned the button closure. I was worried that the loop and button was difficult for little kids to work, and might suffer wear and tear after lots of use. Velcro will also be easier on me for making stacks at a time. I like the creative touch the buttons add to the cover though, so if they see a return it will be more cosmetic and velcro will still function as the closure.

On this one I used velcro but didnt feel it needed a button…instead i made the flap wavy to match the nautical theme.
Wavy Tabs

also, if you can see them on this photo…there are blue lines drawn in to mark seams…they’ll disappear!


I’d also like to make the crayon pockets a little longer to hold them more securely.

All that said…I’m ready to roll!

Snip Snip Snip

October 13, 2009

I spent saturday making alterations to the pattern for the camera bag. Its a bit bigger and can accommodate a larger point and shoot as well as a few other small evening out extras. These 5 are my practice bags from the weekend.

Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Sunday I took off from all the pinning and cutting, but yesterday was spent at the craft store and collecting packing materials. By the evening I was cutting all of the fabric I bought to make bags and I’ve got enough pieces cut to make 37 purses.

Snip Snip Snip

My fabrics are all sequined, sparkling and silky 🙂 I tried to target the evening look but there are a few that will be more casual. They’re still plenty more desirable that the average camera bag!

My goals for the week are to sew together all these bags. I’m not sure if that’s too ambitious or not, but I’d like to be uploading to my store by the end of the week. The fabric allows for four of each design, at the least I’d like to have 2 of each ready to sell.

As well as sewing, I want to get my shipping and packaging materials together. I’ve gathered all of the padded envelopes I need but will be making them my own this week with some more crafyness. My labels are another minor project for the week and I hope I’ve got myself organized enough to touch on all of these!

I’ll keep you posted on all of these balls in the air!

Put on your Evening Camera

October 10, 2009

I nabbed this cute pattern for a camera bag wristlet. The designer was using some cute prints for hers but I thought it would be more fun to turn it into an evening bag. I can’t think of how often I get all dressed up and can’t cram my camera into my evening bag! I think a lot of ladies would be interested in disguising their camera in a cute wristlet like this…


The bag has a great little pocket on the back to hold ID, cards and cash, and it is held shut by the wristlet straps.


The design overall is very nice but there are several things I’d like to change. For one, its much too small! I can’t fit any of my cannon point and shoots in there. The camera pictured here is an itty bitty National Geographic give-away camera we had laying around. Not only would I like to accommodate slightly larger cameras, but if the idea is to serve as an evening camera bag, it’d be nice if other evening-out essentials could tuck in as well.


Second, I think I’d like to add in a piece of cord so you could throw it over your shoulder if you like. The kind that can be easily tucked into the bag if you’d still like to use it as a wristlet.

Well, this is my project for today, toying with the pattern to make it suit my needs! Let me know what you think…especially the camera toting ladies 🙂