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Ruffled Zebra

January 28, 2010

I just got an idea for a super cute stuffed animal. I have to learn how to sew stuffed animals first though.

In the mean time, another new one-of-a-kind purse has been added to the Megnificent Made store!

Ruffled Zebra Print Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Ruffled Zebra Print Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

This cute little camera bag has zebra print facing, HOT PINK lining, and beautiful black ruffles on the closure strap!


Leopard Love

January 21, 2010

Leopard Sparkle Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Leopard Sparkle Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Coming over the next few weeks in stages are some new camera wristlets for sale at Megnificent Made. First up is this saucy little leopard print bag. The bag is a beautiful brown leopard print with gold satin lining and a brown sequined strap from the Project Runway Notions line. There are two of these little bags available so get on over to Megnificent Made and check them out!

Sybarit Board Game!

December 8, 2009

After complaining about how behind I’ve felt on everything…I did very little yesterday. I blame my mom, she brought home a board game called Sybarit.

New word for me! Sybarit apparently means someone who is all for the finer things in life. The game has 2400 trivia questions that refer to food, drink, dining, and etiquette.

Players draw from a special deck of cards that have similar face and number cards to regular playing cards but the suits correspond to Food, etiquette, Drink and a Question Mark which has random and interesting facts. Pulling one of these cards tells you what category your question comes to, and the number or face on the card corresponds to points.
I watch a LOT of food network and my mom and I are pretty well versed in random bits of information, but this game was tough! The questions were difficult but also yielded some really interesting facts. I recommend it even though it was hard. It’s a good adult party game to serve up with your cocktails and in the end despite all of my negative points…I won! 🙂
Which thistle can be eaten and enjoyed with butter?

The Show Experience

December 6, 2009

My First Show!Friday was my first craft show experience. My brother’s girlfriend Jen got me in last minute (with 4 days notice) to a craft show held in her office building for employees.

As you might be able to tell from my absence, I was frantic and busy for the last few days to prepare for the show. I didn’t want to look like the first timer I was so in addition to bulking up my stock, I put a lot of effort into my display. I think it turned out alright and I’m proud of how thrifty I was in pulling it off.

My banner was made from a sale-item pack of scrap booking sheets that I cut into pendants and linked with black duck tape. (So easy!) I wish I had known the size of my table because it was much much too big for it and I ended up cutting it into two pieces and awkwardly draping “megnificent” to fit it on the table.

I designed all of my signage and put them into plastic stands I got on the cheap for $1 each.

The table cloth was just a black disposable plastic one from the party store but it worked well in hiding all of the black duct tape used to hang the banner.

My First Show!I really wanted to make sure I had different levels on the table so I picked up black crates at the dollar tree (the dollar store where things actually cost a dollar). The crates held my coloring books which to my delight sold quite well. My niece colored a sample of her book and that helped me show people what a great gift it makes. There were a lot of people requesting business cards as well so I was glad I took the time to make more before the show.

My First Show!My camera wristlets got some height on the other side of the table by using $6 locker shelves that are available at Staples. They were bright pink, stackable, and folded flat to fit in my wheely bag. Very convenient! I made lots of extra bags and i sold a few, but unfortunately I was positioned in the room with all of the designer bag knock offs which is hard to compete with. It was surprising how much of the craft show was not actual craft. Although I am happy with the result of the day, I felt like I might do better in a sale with a more craft oriented customer base. I think a lot of the people coming down from their offices to shop around were not the type to be buying hand made.

My First Show!People really loved the swag t-shirt necklaces. Its not something I’ve sold before but I wanted a third and different item on my table and these were something I could make quickly for the show. I wore one to the show and ended up selling it off my neck. I replaced it with another table and sold that one too…the trend continued for the rest of the day! I sold plenty of these and was glad I added them to the table. I have quite a few left over so I think I’ll be adding them to the store shortly if they aren’t given as gifts.

Another fun display item I made for the show you can see in this photo. While the entire table had a black plastic table cloth, I tried to make it look less cheap by adding a piece of cotton that I had stamped with my hand-carved logo stamp that I made in my blog tutorial. The piece was stamped mostly in black but with a rainbow colored stamp scattered at random. I really enjoyed printing on fabric like this and I’ll be trying it again soon for sure.

All in all, I really enjoyed the experience. I’d call it a success! I’d love to try another show and I’m going to look into finding what’s going on in the Rochester area. If you know of any upcoming shows let me know!

Keep an eye out this week for another How-To from me. I really tried hard to keep costs down on the show but had trouble finding inexpensive paper bags to stamp with my logo for the show. I ended up buying a $5 roll of shipping paper and machine sewing it into bags with bright thread and stamping it with a rainbow logo. They turned out really pretty with tissue paper stuffing for the show. Customers thought they were beautiful! For just $5 I was able to get 70 bags of different sizes. Compare that to 13 bags for $6! I’ll be sharing this tutorial this week…complete with pictures as always!

Ho Ho Home for the Holidays

November 28, 2009

The Holidays are in full swing! I love this time of year, Especially now that allll my gift making is done super early and I can just enjoy the season. For those of you still in frantic mode, here is some cheer to put in your cup a la Etsy!

Red Nosed Reindeer Tutu Dress

Red Nosed Reindeer Tutu Dress by TutuFairy

Before I had decided to make my niece’s their Felt Tea Party, I was planning on making them Tutu Fairy costumes. They’re so cute and they’re all over the place. I really love this one because it’s a full dress and the hem is cut beautifully. (see the link for photos of the hem.) Its longer in the back and short in the front. It’s almost like a more Formal Tutu. I could see a little one wearing this to a party and not just for dress up. I also like that it’s christmasy without being red and green. Just beautiful! There is another in the store that’s all green with little ornaments. The shape of the dress lends itself perfectly to a christmas tree! Check out their shop at

Girl and Boy Elf Pillow Covers

Girl and Boy Elf Pillow Covers by DesignsbyNancyT

These are super cute to jazz up the bedroom for Christmas. It’s such a quirky design for christmas! Check out the DesignsbyNancyT Etsy store.

Black and Green Kneehigh Slippers

Black and Green Kneehigh Slippers by TheCrocodileRock

I love love love these slippers! They’re on my Christmas list for sure. I’ve always loved things that hug my legs in the winter. I have a huge collection of legwarmers and knee high socks, and now I want these cute slippers. I like the floral pattern and they look so cozy. They remind me of the extra boots eskimos wear inside their mukluks. I bet they would be great inside winter boots for sledding too! Check out more of her cozy knitted slippers in her Etsy Store.

Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka by TwoGuitars

Mele Kalikimaka is one of my favorite Christmas songs and always makes me think of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. These cards are beautiful, simple, and so different! Check out more great prints from TwoGuitars in their Etsy store.

Custom Silhouette Ornament

Custom Silhouette Ornament by Ohanabylea

My mom always puts an ornament on our packages at Christmas, and these custom cut silhouette ornaments are such a beautiful keepsake. I’d imagine you’d have to get your order in quick to ensure it in time for christmas so get in and order now! Order at Ohanabylea‘s Etsy store.