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Up and Away!

April 21, 2010

I am in the midst of a pack-a-thon plowing through laundry, sorting and Tetris-ing my belongings. I leave in a week for a visit to Australia where my boyfriend, Graham, will be crossing the stage for his PhD. A proud moment I cannot miss!

Although the flight itself is impossibly long from New York to Sydney, I do have a fondness for the idea of travel, luggage, travel size things, and gadgets invented to make the whole experience even more exciting.

Here are a few adventure-inspired goodies from Etsy!

Its A Small World Glass Globe by CuteAbility

Its A Small World Glass Globe by CuteAbility

I love this little globe pendant by CuteAbility. I am the last person in the world you’d want to put in charge of navigation, but I do love the look of old globes and maps!

Large Kelly Green Leather Backpack by TheLeatherStore

Large Kelly Green Leather Backpack by TheLeatherStore

I’ve never been much of a purse person but as a tourist I think a good backpack is a must! Something to hold my cameras, umbrellas and travel essentials that holds me so I don’t have to hold IT. My travel packpack is an unfortunate little one shouldered black bag, but this kelly green leather is right up my alley! The shape and color is just beautiful. The inside lining is a fun floral print too!

Kiwi Coral Carpetbag by marykaiser

Kiwi Coral Carpetbag by marykaiser

I think this must be the most beautiful carry on or overnight bag. MaryKaiser makes a lot of really beautiful carpetbags but I am partial to this silky green coral!


How To (Make Paper Bags)

December 11, 2009

Here is another one of my promised posts that I am checking off of my list of things to do.

Last week I had my first craft show and tried to make lots to save money. One of the things I cut cost on were paper bags. The cheapest I found were 13 bags for $6 but I found that the office supply store sold a roll of shipping paper for $5 and with this sewing technique and the size bag I wanted, I was able to get 60+ out of it! Quite a deal if you have the time!

Firstly…I apologize for the terrible photos. There isn’t much good lighting once the sun goes down in this house and I was working frantically to get things done for the craft show.

How To (Make Fancy Paper Bags)Fold the paper back on its self at about the size you want your finished bag width. Add an inch or so for seam allowance and cut it off.

I then folded that piece in half and cut it to get the right height for my bag, but then that depends on what size bag you’re going for.

How To (Make Fancy Paper Bags)

Here are the two bags I can get out of one strip of paper. You are then going to sew down along the cut edge of the bag. I use a long and wide zig zag stitch to make it decorative. I also used bright threads, and mixed up my bobbin and thread colors.

Once that stitch is sewn, use a bone folder to center the seam over the back of the bag, press the edges of the bag and flatten the seam up the back.

How To (Make Fancy Paper Bags)The seam should run up the back like this. I then used my paper-cutter to add a scalloped edge to the top and bottom of the bag. You don’t need to but it looked nice!

How To (Make Fancy Paper Bags)Fold up the bottom edge of the bag and press it flat with the bone folder. Zig zag stitch it down. I again used bright colors and a different bobbin color to show up on the front of the bag.

All done! It’s the same concept as an envelope really and works best for flatter items. I was selling my custom coloring books so a little bright tissue paper, a book, and this cute bag customized with my hand carved stamp worked out great.

Good luck!

Kazzki Bags

November 7, 2009

Light Grey Wool Industrial Felt with Pink Leather Messenger Bag

Light Grey Wool Industrial Felt with Pink Leather Messenger Bag by Kazzki

Check out these great messenger bags by Sydney based designer, Karen Marosa! They’re made in heavy duty wool felt with leather straps in bright fun colors. I really like this grey and pink one.

She also makes ipod and phone cases, laptop cases and is willing to take custom orders. Stop by Kasski’s Etsy store and see all of her great designs.

Snip Snip Snip

October 13, 2009

I spent saturday making alterations to the pattern for the camera bag. Its a bit bigger and can accommodate a larger point and shoot as well as a few other small evening out extras. These 5 are my practice bags from the weekend.

Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Sunday I took off from all the pinning and cutting, but yesterday was spent at the craft store and collecting packing materials. By the evening I was cutting all of the fabric I bought to make bags and I’ve got enough pieces cut to make 37 purses.

Snip Snip Snip

My fabrics are all sequined, sparkling and silky 🙂 I tried to target the evening look but there are a few that will be more casual. They’re still plenty more desirable that the average camera bag!

My goals for the week are to sew together all these bags. I’m not sure if that’s too ambitious or not, but I’d like to be uploading to my store by the end of the week. The fabric allows for four of each design, at the least I’d like to have 2 of each ready to sell.

As well as sewing, I want to get my shipping and packaging materials together. I’ve gathered all of the padded envelopes I need but will be making them my own this week with some more crafyness. My labels are another minor project for the week and I hope I’ve got myself organized enough to touch on all of these!

I’ll keep you posted on all of these balls in the air!