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A few of my favorite things

July 15, 2010

I haven’t been blogging much lately but I assure you I have been busy crafting. I’m not going to apologize again for not turning it all into paragraphs and pictures straight away but I can promise there is plenty to be shared. In the mean time I am unapologetically enjoying that I have work to do, sun to bask in, and new crafting adventures to indulge.

While I do all this, I thought I’d share some work by Ken Baily. Someday he will line my kitchen walls with two of my favorite things…dogs and food.

I love my westies 🙂


Accentuate the Negative

April 27, 2010

While I am up in the air on my way to Sydney, I thought I would share with you the wonderful art of illustrator Noma Bar.

Noma was born and raised in Israel but currently lives and works in London as an illustrator and graphic designer. He has worked for publications like New York Times, Esquire, The Guardian and Time Out London. Most recently he has published a book called “Guess Who? The Many Faces of Noma Bar” that features beautiful caricature style illustrations that utilize shape, color and manipulation of negative space. See if you can figure out these portraits and find the hidden elements that give their identity away.


February 5, 2010

I recently started some work at an Ad Agency that is a long commute from home. I spent the drive today singing loudly to Bowie and for once actually enjoyed the ride.

Thanks Bowie.

In Bowie’s honor I thought I’d see what he had to offer on Etsy. I thought I’d collect a few things as usual, but then I saw this. This wins.

David Bowie Art Mannequin No.1 The Funky Funky Ziggy Stardust Doll by Sublimecowgirl

David Bowie Art Mannequin No.1 The Funky Funky Ziggy Stardust Doll by Sublimecowgirl

This wins big.

1. Its Bowie

2. It is actually very beautifully painted.

3. They come in a variety of Bowie Eras

Win all around. Go check out SublimeCowgirl’s store!

Kay’s K9’s

February 4, 2010

I stumbled across these incredible needle felted pet portraits on flickr yesterday and thought they deserved their own post.

These adorable miniature needle felted sculptures are by artist K. Stahler. She specializes in your traditional pets (dogs and cats!) but can also make custom rabbits, horses and other wildlife. They’re absolutely beautiful, itsy bitsy, and so detailed! What a special keepsake of your pet!

They are such tiny tiny works of art! And they genuinely look like these pups. I am so impressed with Kay’s K9’s. She even captured that corgie’s smile!

Check out her website at Kay’s K9’s for more samples of her work, and to see how you can get one of your own!

Moving Paper

January 26, 2010

At the moment I feel like a bit of a tool as I am blogging from a café. But there are things to be done!

Above is a beautiful video from New Zealand to promote books. I am a collector of pop-up books and while this might not be a traditional pop-up book…it is pages coming to life!

We’re All Mad Here

January 10, 2010

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will be in theatres March 5th and all of the promotion for this 3D movie has me inspired. I can’t wait to see the effects in action.

I do have to point out one thing that bothers me a bit though. Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny Depp and no one mixes better with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter but…

All I see here is Elijah Wood!

Aside from that, I can’t wait to see it and I’ve no doubt it will be fantastic. On with the show! Here are some Alice in Wonderland inspired Etsy finds.

Alice in Wonderland Set by Cartbeforethehorse

Alice in Wonderland Set by Cartbeforethehorse

Cartbeforethehorse makes some really beautiful fine folk art dolls hand made with hand painted muslin with a patina leather feel. This Alice in Wonderland set is numbered and signed by the artists and is a limited edition. The pieces are also available as separates in her store. She has some other really beautiful designs and I suggest you look into her etsy store!

Whimsical Mad Hatter Tea Party Chandelier by whimsicalcollections

Whimsical Mad Hatter Tea Party Chandelier by whimsicalcollections

WOW. Have you ever seen anything as wonderful as this? I would love a chandelier like this. I wonder if it would be difficult to make with a tin tea set? I’m not an electrician though so I had better not try it. Whimsicalcollectoins is the expert and they’ve done a wonderful job with this fantastic big of decor!

Tea Time Silhouette Recycled Vinyl Necklace by RandomPerfect

Tea Time Silhouette Recycled Vinyl Necklace by RandomPerfect

This necklace by RandomPerfect is doubly cool because aside from the great design…its made from recycled records! She has a lot of really great silhouette designs in her etsy store but I particularly like the use of the two different chains on this little tea party necklace.

Oh, and one more thing…

Win Some Stuff!

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Off With Her Head!

January 9, 2010

My mom was able to get the week after New Years off and we spent the entire week on the couch recovering from a stomach bug and watching all three seasons of The Tudors on dvd. By the end of it we were speaking with terrible accents and ordering the dogs around like ladies in waiting!

Anyway, I couldn’t help but be caught up in all the beautiful costumes the women wore (and even some of the men’s). Here is some Tudor inspiration from Etsy!

monogrammed initial wax seal pendant by RitzyMisfit

monogrammed initial wax seal pendant by RitzyMisfit

One thing I love on the show–er time period– is all of the letter writing with beautiful pens and ink and the wax seals on them. I would love to own a wax seal although I can’t think of much occasion to use one. I could never resist playing with hot wax when I’m around candles, and I love the sound when they pull the stamp off the wax. Simple pleasures! These beautiful monogrammed necklaces are from RitzyMisfit and feature a stamped pendant with the letter of your choice!

Vintage Crystal Sterling Ring by jorgensenstudio

Vintage Crystal Sterling Ring by jorgensenstudio

The jewels at this time were absolutely stunning although most of us couldn’t find occasion to wear what would probably now be considered gaudy. I remember seeing the Crown Jewels in London and as i was conveyor-belted past I just stood with my mouth open thinking THOSE STONES ARE SO HUGE! It was also strange after having studied art history and seen so many paintings of English Royalty wearing these pieces, that there they were… “Props” from those old old paintings…

Etsy seller jorgensenstudio makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry, most of it ornate and vintage-looking. I love beautiful vintage and intricate bands on rings. His work is very beautiful and very wearable…and affordable!

Anne Boleyn style Double Strand Necklace by duchessa

Anne Boleyn style Double Strand Necklace by duchessa

This necklace is fashioned after one Anne Boleyn was known for wearing in her portraits. Etsy seller Duchessa makes these beautiful necklaces with an initial of your choice! It’s a pretty thing to wear I think.

Don’t forget!

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December 18, 2009
Vinyl record Necklace Hardcover

Vinyl record Necklace Hardcover by arohasilhouettes

I’ve been wanting for a while to create something from old vinyl records but I have yet to decide on what. Arohasilhouettes has made some really beautiful and creative graphic jewelry from vinyl records! My favorite is this book stack. I love her use of negative space!

She also has a lot of neat optical illusion styled jewlery available in her store. Check out her work!

You Ought to Give me Wedding Rings

November 30, 2009

you ought to give me wedding rings

My beautiful best friend Teale Kelly married the wonderful Greg Fox on the 27th this week. I couldn’t be happier for them both! There wedding was beautiful and I was so glad to be able to be in Rochester for it. I loved that the wedding was a perfect representation of themselves. They did everything very non-traditional and pulled off an easy, comfortable, casual wedding that still had plenty of glam.

you ought to give me wedding rings

She wore a beautiful and simple off-white gown that matched her mother’s train perfectly. It was great that she was able to tie in a piece of her mother’s wedding with her beautifully apliqued train. She wore feather’s in her hair and thrift store find earrings (perfect!) as well as the big statement piece…designer red Louboutin shoes! Our good friend Sue from Surface Hair salon in the South Wedge in Rochester, NY did her hair 🙂 Greg wore a three-piece suit with a pocket watch (swanky!) and a red tie to match her shoes. Sue did Greg’s hair too. They looked so great!

you ought to give me wedding rings

The wedding and reception was held at Artisan Works, an art gallery and Co-Op In Rochester. It was a really funky, unique place to hold a wedding and provided something to do for the guests that don’t dance. It was so much fun to tool around the place with the happy couple to take photos. Just outside those doors is the bar where canapes and drinks were served while the room was transformed from ceremony to reception.

you ought to give me wedding rings

Teale and Greg had one of their first dates and Phillips European, a restaurant in Rochester, where they went for dessert. They decided to go with Phillip European’s beautiful desserts instead of a wedding cake which I thought was a more sentimental…and delicious…idea. They displayed so beautifully and really beat out the wedding cake idea for me!

you ought to give me wedding rings

The Reception went until 10 and a second after-party was hosted at local restaurant and cocktail bar Good Luck. Teale changed out of her wedding gown into this beautiful party dress that was made by her good friend Kate. Kate is a seamstress and Etsy seller that makes beautiful fashion creations. This dress was made out of a vintage sequined skirt that she shortened into a dress. The extra fabric was sewn on as cap sleeves and it was all synched off at the waist with a gold ribbon. It was so beautiful with her red shoes! Beautiful work Kate!

Kate did some work on her own dress too! She’s great with re-working vintage clothes.

Kate has made dresses for Teale and I before. The first time I met Kate she had made a faux wedding dress for Teale to wear and destroy as I took photos. We took her creation to Stoney Brook Park and wrecked it under water falls in the name of art. Kate was a good sport for creating it, Teale was a good sport for wearing it in cold cold water. 🙂 You’ll be hearing more about Kate around here soon!

Hot Flash

I made my own dress for the wedding too, unfortunately since I took the photos…I dont have any of the dress! I’ll make sure I find some soon to share with you. Its made entirely of recycled neckties in black, white and gray.

Congrats to the happy couple again, and now that this busy holiday weekend/moving is through, I hope to get head first back into the shop and the blog. Remember to take advantage of Cyber Monday free shipping at my Etsy store!

Vinyl Wall Art

November 16, 2009

Vinyl wall stickers are EVERYWHERE, and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. I really love graphic images and I think they can be a really beautiful accent on a wall, but I also think they can very easily go wrong. There are so many of them out there to choose from and they’re an inexpensive option of filling a big empty wall.  And make sure it is a big wall!

Art like this needs a lot of space. If you have a space big enough to have a wall with minimal furniture pressed up against it, then you can probably pull off one of these. (that’s certainly not this apartment!) Even if you have a lot of space, some of the wall art I’ve seen is still too big and overwhelming…and some of it’s just tacky. But here are a few from etsy shops that I like from excellent etsy sellers…even If my apartment can’t handle it!

Birds on a Wire

Birds on Powerline by Walldecors

This vinyl wall sticker, Birds on a Powerline by Walldecors is a very pretty and delicate cut. It would look lovely above a couch even if you dont have an entirely bare wall. Although I think it’s important that the wire has definite places to land or it might look awkward!

Dog Pissing by Pop Wall

Dog Pissing by Pop Wall

This one is just quirky…and I love dogs! It’s not exactly appropriate for general living space, but I’d stick this in my craft room for sure! You can pick this up at Pop Wall‘s Etsy store. Whats great about this company is that they can custom design a decal for your room off choice. Just sent them a photo of the wall or space you would like to fill and they design a piece that flows with the room and space!

Fancy Birds

Fancy Birds by SixUnderATree

These birds are just bright and beautiful. They’re small enough that you could group them or scatter them around a room. I could see them in a little girl’s room or a kitchen. Bright and simple! SixUnderATree as lots of cute decals available in their etsy store.