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Craft Show Virgin!

December 3, 2009

I have my first craft show this week!

It’s a small one being held in the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield (a major insurance company here) and I have my brother’s girlfriend Jen to thank for getting me a last-minute table!

It’s short notice (a few days to prepare!) but this small craft show is perfect for a first timer like me. I still want to do it right though and I’ve been frantic.

First things first I’ve had to unpack from my move (Australia to New York). I’ve dug out my mom’s sewing machine and a folding table to set up a space in my room. I’ll have to find a way to organize all of my sewing things while I’m here or I’ll never have any table space!

Craft Show Prep

Sewing with my mom’s machine is so intimidating. It’s much more powerful than mine and pounds away like a jack hammer. My machine in Sydney feels so delicate compared to this, although it has made sewing through all the layers of the purses a breeze!

Speaking of purses, they will be one of my main items for the show on friday. I’ve made an extra 15 to take with me (minus one I destroyed) and managed to pull them all out in just two days.

Craft Show Prep

As far as I know, Jo Ann’s is the only fabric store around here. I managed to find some fabrics I liked, in addition to some I brought from Sydney. The children’s fabrics and quilting cottons are plentiful but their fancy fabrics are a bit lacking. They seem to range from Halloween costume to asian inspired silk patterns. I’ll have to look around on the web for another store in the area to try, there must be one!

Craft Show Prep

In addition to the purses I’ll be selling these swag t-shirt necklaces. They were really easy to pull off in a hurry and I’ve already got a stash of 15 from one afternoon. I’ve got more fabric to make some more before friday. If they go well at the show…or at all…I might add them to my etsy shop!

The third item I will be selling will be my custom coloring books! I plan on having my niece’s book on display, and the fabric books on hand to sell with crayons and blank paper. I will give along with the book a coupon for their 12 photo coloring pages that they can redeem online. I think that might be the best way to work it out.

I’ve put a lot of thought, and work, into my table display. I don’t want it clear that it is my first show! I’ve made a swag of pendants out of craft paper and black tape to hang across my table that says Megnificent Made. I also used the stamp I made in my blog tutorial of my logo to print heaps of fabric to put on parts of the table (I also have a plain black table-cloth). I made sure I have different heights to my table and that there will be good signs for everything as well as new business cards made up… which means I still have plenty of work to do.

Please excuse me from the blog tomorrow and I can promise some news on Friday after the show. Wish me luck!

ps…My brother shared with me today that my sweet little niece Riley, my inspiration and recipient of the first custom coloring book, is taking it to school with her tomorrow for her first show and tell. I’m so honored! Would it be tacky of me to send along some business cards? :p


Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

November 26, 2009

In celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Megnificent Made will have FREE SHIPPING to all of the US and Canada! This promotion will last November 27-November 30!

Notebook Style Fabric Book by Megnificent Made

Notebook Style Fabric Book by Megnificent Made

Fabric notebooks are great little keepsake gifts and come in loads of beautiful fabric combinations. When you order a fabric notebook, you have a choice of two varieties. You can get the Writer’s Pack which includes pens, pencils and lined paper. It’s perfect for journal writers, students and even just chronic list makers! The Artist’s Pack comes with drawing pencils and sketch paper and is the perfect carry along for those that like to doodle.

Vespa in Paris Custom Coloring Book by Megnificent Made

Vespa in Paris Custom Coloring Book by Megnificent Made

Custom Coloring Books are a great gift for kids this Christmas! We take your photographs and turn them into coloring book pages for your kids to add their creative touch to. Kids love coloring in the people and places they know and love. Select from the store one of the many adorable fabric books you would like and it will come with 14 custom coloring pages and crayons. An extra 12 coloring book pages can be purchased for $4. For more information on how to select photos and send them, look in the Customer Help section of the blog.

Silver Sparkle Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Silver Sparkle Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

For the ladies in your life, or even for yourself, pick up a Camera Wristlet! These cute little purses are designed to hold a digital camera. I’ve found that when I dress up to go out, I often can’t fit my camera in my little purses. I hate to ruin an outfit by toting around a camera bag so here’s the solution! It’ll be great for the holiday parties when you’ll look your best and also have your camera to capture your holiday memories!

Get in there Friday through Monday and take advantage of our Free Shipping deal!


November 23, 2009

The Megnificent Made Etsy store will be closed for a few days (11/22 – 11/24) while I move from Sydney to New York. The move will be for a few months while I work out the mess of visas and residency. Behind I will be leaving Graham and our piggies but will have the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends in New York through the holidays and then some. Bitter sweet as always!

I intend to sell and post from New York so bare with me while I get my feet on the ground again!

New Books for Sale!

November 3, 2009

New Books!

Fabric Notebook for sale at

Just added to the Megnificent Made store- New books! These ones are geared at adults. The writers and the artists among us…or even the list makers! Check out the new patterns and the options that go with them at

I’ve also made a few new custom coloring books, don’t forget to sift through the Coloring Book section of the store!

Coloring Books up and Running!

October 26, 2009

Fun for Sale!

The coloring books are all sewn up and the first set of patterns is in the store for sale.

check them out at!

I’ve made quite a few patterns for this first batch and there are definitely more to come. Be aware that a few of the patterns are limited and you had better get them while you can!

The camera bags have been well received, and although there have been a few sales there are still plenty of choices available. Be sure to have a look!

In addition to the coloring books, I’ve decided to make a second version that allows adults to get in on the fun! I’ve already made a few in the process of sewing coloring books and they’ve sold to friends fresh from the sewing machines. I’m even using one to keep my business notes and ideas 🙂

The new version of the coloring book will come in two different packages… The Writer’s Pack and the Artist’s Pack! The writer’s pack will feature pens, pencils and lined paper. The Artist’s pack will have sketch paper and drawing pencils. Due to the extras involved, the price will be a little higher than the kid’s coloring books to accommodate the cost.

I look forward to adding these to the store soon too!

Grand Opening!

October 21, 2009

Grand Opening!

Megnificent Made is open for business!

The first selection of bags have been photographed and added to the Megnificent Made etsy store. There are about 21 camera bags posted and more to come. Please head over to the shop and take a look!
Thanks to everyone for their support and I look forward to developing my designs more. Keep checking back for the latest developments at Megnificent Made. The coloring books are next to come!