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Saul Bass new release…ish

January 24, 2011

It may be an obvious or cliche choice for favorite designer…but I really do love Saul Bass. He is best known for his poster design as well as his creative approach to opening titles in film. For those of you not into old movies and poster art, you’ll know his logo for United Airlines.

I was excited to find today that his film,”Why Man Creates”, created in 1968 was for the first time uploaded to youtube in it’s entirety. The film explores and discusses the nature of creativity as it is broken down into 8 stages.

It aired for the first time, as a shortened version,  on the first broadcast of “60 Minutes” in 1968, and also won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

Feast your eyes on the genius of Saul Bass!




Gangsta Ode to Craft

January 19, 2011

I’m not sure what little kid didn’t play with boxes when they were little. I can remember occasions when my nieces and nephews would toss the toy aside to play with a box, building school buses or airplanes, playing house…even in this age of technology. So if you’ve ever painted on a box, cut holes in a box, stacked boxes or sat in an empty refrigerator box, you’ll enjoy this gangsta ode to crafts.

Well Thats Just Charming

January 14, 2011



Creative marketing agency, John St. in Toronto, Canada recently added this charming case study based on pink ponies and the saturated market of children’s birthday parties. Marketing strategy has never been so cute!

Sunswift World Record

January 11, 2011

Thank you to my loyal readers that continued to stop by while I was away. I’ve been granted my Australian Residency and have moved from New York to Sydney again. Things have been busy but now that I am settled I plan to get back to writing. Unfortunately, the Megnificent Made Etsy store will be on hold for a while longer. I’ll let you know when I get back to making hand made treats for you!

In the mean time there is exciting news to report! I’d like to congratulate the Sunswift Solar Car Racing team from the University of New South Wales on their Guinness World Record for fastest solar car.

Sunswift World Solar Car Record

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The car, nick named IVy, beat the 22 year old record by 10 k/hr and came in around 88.5 k/hr. Congratulations to the Sunswift team!


July 18, 2010

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

Can you name the 35 movies represented in this brilliant display of minimalist design and animation?

A few of my favorite things

July 15, 2010

I haven’t been blogging much lately but I assure you I have been busy crafting. I’m not going to apologize again for not turning it all into paragraphs and pictures straight away but I can promise there is plenty to be shared. In the mean time I am unapologetically enjoying that I have work to do, sun to bask in, and new crafting adventures to indulge.

While I do all this, I thought I’d share some work by Ken Baily. Someday he will line my kitchen walls with two of my favorite things…dogs and food.

I love my westies 🙂

A Two-fer Deal!

June 1, 2010
2 In 1 Zipper Shoe

2 In 1 Zipper Shoe

I cannot get enough of these supre cute and GENIUS 2 in 1 zippered sneakers by Nat-2.

This clever hightop sneaker design zips apart to reveal a comfortable looking sandal underneath. They come in lots of great styles and even as a lowtop design.

2 in 1 Zipper Shoe

2 in 1 Zipper Shoe

This design team from Germany has dedicated itself to innovation in style. They’ve been the recipient of multiple design awards such as the Red Dot award, the Innovation and Design award in 2007, the ISPO Brand New Award, and was named one of the 50 shoes that changed the world by the London Design Museum.

Their 4 in 1 Stack design converts a clog to a low top, high top and boot with detachable pieces.

4 in 1 Stack

4 in 1 Stack

How great would all of this be for travel??

I want…I want them all.

Picnic Perfect

May 5, 2010

I am in Australia right now to attend my boyfriend’s graduation with his PhD in engineering. To celebrate, I am throwing him a party in the park with a picnic theme. I’ve really enjoyed putting together fun picnic gingham prints in red and blue. I promise to take photos of the finished event!

Australia right now is slipping into winter…although it is an unusually sunny autumn. For those in the north gearing up for summer, here are some picnic etsy finds to get you in gear!

Upcycled Vintage picnic blanket by SewnNatural

Upcycled Vintage picnic blanket by SewnNatural

Wicker Picnic Basket by Ravennasgirlvintage

Wicker Picnic Basket by Ravennasgirlvintage

Fan Shaped Basket Purse by TimelessTotes

Fan Shaped Basket Purse by TimelessTotes

Red Gingham Bow Picnic Sash Dress by CoralieBeatrix

Red Gingham Bow Picnic Sash Dress by CoralieBeatrix

Accentuate the Negative

April 27, 2010

While I am up in the air on my way to Sydney, I thought I would share with you the wonderful art of illustrator Noma Bar.

Noma was born and raised in Israel but currently lives and works in London as an illustrator and graphic designer. He has worked for publications like New York Times, Esquire, The Guardian and Time Out London. Most recently he has published a book called “Guess Who? The Many Faces of Noma Bar” that features beautiful caricature style illustrations that utilize shape, color and manipulation of negative space. See if you can figure out these portraits and find the hidden elements that give their identity away.

Up and Away!

April 21, 2010

I am in the midst of a pack-a-thon plowing through laundry, sorting and Tetris-ing my belongings. I leave in a week for a visit to Australia where my boyfriend, Graham, will be crossing the stage for his PhD. A proud moment I cannot miss!

Although the flight itself is impossibly long from New York to Sydney, I do have a fondness for the idea of travel, luggage, travel size things, and gadgets invented to make the whole experience even more exciting.

Here are a few adventure-inspired goodies from Etsy!

Its A Small World Glass Globe by CuteAbility

Its A Small World Glass Globe by CuteAbility

I love this little globe pendant by CuteAbility. I am the last person in the world you’d want to put in charge of navigation, but I do love the look of old globes and maps!

Large Kelly Green Leather Backpack by TheLeatherStore

Large Kelly Green Leather Backpack by TheLeatherStore

I’ve never been much of a purse person but as a tourist I think a good backpack is a must! Something to hold my cameras, umbrellas and travel essentials that holds me so I don’t have to hold IT. My travel packpack is an unfortunate little one shouldered black bag, but this kelly green leather is right up my alley! The shape and color is just beautiful. The inside lining is a fun floral print too!

Kiwi Coral Carpetbag by marykaiser

Kiwi Coral Carpetbag by marykaiser

I think this must be the most beautiful carry on or overnight bag. MaryKaiser makes a lot of really beautiful carpetbags but I am partial to this silky green coral!