Megnificent Design

You may have noticed a new link in the side bar. I have decided to link up my online portfolio to the blog here with the Design icon to the right.

By night I am an avid crafter, but by day I make my living as a Graphic Designer, photographer and Illustrator. I have worked for many years as an in-house graphic designer for a cafe, as well as for t-shirt design companies, and printers. I am currently working freelance in New York as I await my residency in Australia.

This portfolio has a small sampling of the work I have done over the years and you can expect it to change regularly. There is plenty more to come in the way of photographs and new projects.

Take a look around at my work and consider that I can put my skills to work for you!

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2 Responses to “Megnificent Design”

  1. Sarah McMath Says:

    My sister and I are starting a new business. It is a staging and redesign business. We do not have a lot of start up money but we need a logo.
    Could you possibly help us?
    Our idea for the name of the business is Sitting Pretty, Staging and Redesign.
    Thanks, Sarah

    • megnificentmade Says:

      Hello Sarah,
      I would love to help out! I’ll write up a proposal this afternoon and email it to you (the hotmail address connected to your comment is fine?). You can then have a look over things and see if the price is right for you and your sister! Thank you!

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