I love creative package design. It was always something I wanted to get really involved with while I was in design school. Tea is another love of mine, and these beautiful package designs are too creative to ignore!

Hanger TeaThis beautiful package design is by designer Soon Mo Kang. Unfortunately at this stage it is still just a mock-up but hopefully in the future they will be available for purchase. A few practical points had come up with this design regarding the amount of empty space, and whether or not it could successfully ship without losing the T-shirts on the rail.  I am not a big fan of the way it hangs from the edge of the cup…however, during my barista days we often served teas by hanging them over a stir that rested on the rim of the cup. Much more ideal for the coat hanger although not something people would normally do at home. I think that the negative space is OK since the majority of purchases will be made on the factor that the design is novel and it makes sense to be putting them on display like this. Keeping those shirts in place for shipping could be an easy fix. A few slits in the rail to nest the hangers into could be made, even adhesives could be explored. Regardless, it is a beautiful design!

Tea Package

These tea bags are adorable. They relax in your tea like a hot bath (which is normally how drinking tea feels!)

Tea PackThe tea bags feature different characters and come in creative packs that not only hold them securely, they display your characters in their settings. There are also school buses full of kids, A morning radio show setting, and holiday boxes full of reindeer and santas. These bags are designed by a design firm called WDARU for a tea company called MNUM…from what I can gather from their foreign website! As far as I can tell, MNUM tea isn’t for sale yet, at least not in the US!

Two more creative teas to come tomorrow!

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