Keepsake Contest!

I am taking a break from my post-christmas-present-posts to solicit your help on a project that has stumped me.

It has been nearly a year since my Grandpa died. He was a really wonderful person and greatly missed by all of us. My aunt salvaged some of his clothing to make a beautiful quilt for my grandmother. It’s a beautiful piece that has a lot of meaning and comfort for her.

When my aunt came to visit at Thanksgiving she brought some of my grandpa’s old shirts and thought I could make something out of them. I’ve been thinking on it long and hard and can’t decide what keepsake to sew out of these shirts!

Help me Help youThey are both cotton, button down, short sleeve shirts size XL.

So here’s the deal! Post your keepsake sewing ideas involving one or both of my grandpa’s shirts in the comments of this post. I’ll give it about two weeks before making a selection!

The winning idea-supplier will get to select any item from the Megnificent Made Etsy store as their prize!

That includes camera wristlets…

Camera wristlet by Megnificent Made

Pink Floral Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Custom Coloring Books…

Vespa In Paris Custom Coloring Book by Megnificent Made

Vespa In Paris Custom Coloring Book by Megnificent Made

Or writing and drawing fabric notebooks!

Sketches in Blue Fabric Book by Megnificent Made

Sketches in Blue Fabric Book by Megnificent Made

So start exercising your creative brains and send some keepsake ideas this way! Any questions feel free to ask. I’ll give about two weeks (more if necessary) to see some posting!

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11 Responses to “Keepsake Contest!”

  1. Mae Says:

    Photo album covers for a memory book or photo album of different eras of his life. As a background in a shadow box filled w/ other memories. A collection of pillows – perhaps one monogrammed w/ an initial and other embellishments as would fit your taste. One for each family member of these items? Just coming off of Cmas – stockings. Very homey. Some kind of decorative banner. Mats for frames filled w/ his photos/family photos.

  2. Christa Says:

    What about as a background or mat for a picture of your Grandpa. You can glue the fabric onto a mat to cover it and place your picture behind it then frame it. Or you could just cover a piece of cardboard and place your picture in front and then put in a frame. A picture of your Grandpa wearing the shirt that is the photo mat would be great (if you had one).

    My other suggestion is to make a dresser scarf or some kind of doily type thing to put on a dresser or endtable with your Grandpa’s picture frame on top.

  3. Lexy lou Says:

    I love the idea that I have used with my dad that passed away shirt’s.
    I got inspired from Amanda Blake Soule’s book “Handmade home” . Use fabric or a shirt as a hot water bottle cover, having a pocket and the button’s showing down the center. It’s on page 61 of the book. I loved the idea so much that I took some of my fav baby clothes of the kids and made them their own water bottle too, and a bean bag warmer for me!

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  5. LolaDee Says:

    I love your blog! Just realised you have a shop too so will be checking it out. The camera wristlet is so cute 🙂 Keep it up!

  6. dahlimama Says:

    My thoughts on this run to what I would miss most about the person I had spent such wonderful times with and that would be their hugs. I would want to feel their arms around me one more time. So I would make a hug! it could be fleece line for warmth. Keeping the sleeve intact but opened up perhaps. Maybe hands created from peach fabric with velcro to hold it around the shoulders. Is there a ring or cuff links he wore? Could they be incorporated? Such wonderful ideas from all here what ever you choose you can’t go wrong.It sounds as though you might have enough material do do several projects.

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