Felt Strawberry Short Cake

Felt Christmas

As promised! A photo of the completed strawberry short-cake! A few weeks ago I posted a HOW-TO for this adorable felt play food which you can find here. You can find a tutorial on the strawberries here. I try to make lots of How-To posts so check out that whole section of the blog if you’re feeling crafty.

Felt Christmas

It took me a while to get this posted because I’ve been working so hard on all my christmas goodies. This tea party for my nieces (more of which can be seen here) has been my big project since October and I’ve poured a lot of time and love into. I absolutely cannot wait until Christmas to see the reveal.

I spent yesterday evening constructing a table for their party which is a really simple and fun project I will post more about soon. It is made of cardboard but is very very structurally sound. I’ve made cardboard furniture before and absolutely love the concept of recycled furniture that can be so creative and unique visually. I’ll be sure to post more about that soon.

Felt Christmas

I took all of these photos before the table was completed but I really love how all of the elements of their tea party together are such beautiful bright colors. It’s just so pretty to look at. I can’t help but leave it all assembled until Christmas.

Since these photos I have painted a purple lace doily on the table with their initials as well as painted the legs of the table pale yellow with faint wood grain. The scallops of the table has purple trim now too. I didn’t make them chairs for their table because, as you can see in earlier posts about the project, I had made them special embroidered and fringed pillows to sit on.

Felt Christmas

Felt Christmas The latest addition to the table are these adorable felt fruits from a pattern by UmeCraft on Etsy. The apple velcros together and slices apart. The Orange comes apart into 6 slices, and the banana peels!

Felt ChristmasTheir dessert selection is not limited to Strawberry Shortcake! These girls can also pick from four different cupcakes! This one here is their lemon merengue with orange peel and a lemon wedge. I made special cupcake wrappers with their names on them in three bright fun colors too. In my final tea party post I will show more in detail on the cupcakes.

If you’d like to see more photos of what I’ve been up to with this project, please visit the tea party post to see more about the table ware, and my flickr site to see food more in detail.

I can promise you two more posts on this subject…if you don’t mind! One on cardboard furniture with this table as the feature, and one on the final project after christmas. It’ll be a part of my slew of holiday gift ideas for 2010!


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8 Responses to “Felt Strawberry Short Cake”

  1. How To (Felt Strawberry Short Cake) « Megnificent Made's Blog Says:

    […] UPDATE: For the finished cake and related items please follow the link to this post! […]

  2. Lexy lou Says:

    Wow! This i just fabulous! Found you through ohdeedoh, I am just in awe over your amazing craft skills lady!

  3. Felt Strawberry Shortcake » Jennie Frake Photography Says:

    […] this not the cutest little tea party ever! I found it on Megnificent Made. I really want to make this for my little girl. It looks to be a little time-consuming though. Maybe […]

  4. I wanna be creative Says:

    Fantastic tutorial, made a v. rough and ready version for my 3 year old and split is with her 4 year cousin = very happy little girls! Thanks for sharing. Pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/iwannabcreative/4550258866/

  5. I wanna be creative Says:

    Ohhh thanks! Knife from the Melissa and Doug wooden play food set:http://www.melissaanddoug.com/dyn_prod.php?p=487&k=87135&featured_name=Cutting%20Food

  6. Jayeblog | My Obsession With Bags Says:

    […] Megnificent Made and does quite a bit of creative sewing through that: coloring books, purses, giant fabric tea-party sets… you know, the usual stuff. I knew she’d have the skills to help me out, and she had […]

  7. Jessica Says:


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