Your Mama Was A Snow Blower!

I’m a sucker for the Gute’ and that adorable little war machine Johnny. Honestly, one of my favorite 80’s films. When I moved to Australia to be with Graham it was one of the movies I packed. When I arrived I discovered he had a copy too. We became one of the few house holds to have two copies of Short Circuit. It was love…

And so naturally, I love this shirt too. I don’t have a Johnny Number Five shirt but I certainly should.

Green J5 Shirt by SlowShirts

Green J5 Shirt by SlowShirts

No Disassemble!!

Anyway, I’ve finished all of my Christmas sewing madness just in time for holiday party madness. I’ve decided to expand the little girl’s tea set with fruit, cheese and crackers, and an adorable little tea table that will also store their felt goodies. My brother’s girlfriend, Jenn, will also be getting into craft time with me to help make a few of their favorite dinner items with felt so it’s not all sweets! As soon as the paint dries on that little table I will set it all up and take a photo for you all. If only to knock that promise off my list!

I wish I could share all of my other Christmas Creations with you but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. I’m photographing them all now so that come the 26th you will face regular postings of Christmas ideas for 2010!

I hope you’re all enjoying the season!

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