In the Bag!

I’ve never been much of a purse person but living in a big city, using public transport, and moving to a country with big heavy coin money has changed my tone.

As I am moving back to the States shortly, I wonder if my new appreciation of the purse will stick…though if it does it will be because of great designers like these!

Khaki Telegramma Print Organizer by ItaliaCraft

Khaki Telegramma Print Organizer by ItaliaCraft

The designer behind these beautiful wallets, bags and organizers comes from a family of shoemakers and seamstresses. In addition to using beautiful fabrics, she makes these magnificent recreations of telegrams, postcards and old maps. They’re such a beautiful blend of antiquity, and modern design. What a unique piece to have on your arm! Check out her etsy store for more of her creations.

Recycled Classic Tote

Recycled Classic Tote Vintage Camera Advertisement by TheCraftPantry

Totes have been a big help living in the city. Hauling all my shopping on foot back from the shops means you need big bags that are comfortable on your shoulder. I’ll keep with this new habit back in the States for sure because it’s a lot better than using plastic bags. This great tote is made from a recycled bag by TheCraftPantry and has great artwork from vintage camera ads. The photographer in me just loves it! Check out more of her crafty bags at her etsy store.

Silver Sparkle Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Silver Sparkle Camera Wristlet by Megnificent Made

Lastly, I have really enjoyed starting a mini collection of wristlets to accessorize with. I go out a lot more in the city than I ever had before and I love to get dressed up with a really funky wristlet. As you guessed, this bag is one of my own. I found that when ever I got all dressed up to go out it was usually a special occasion and I wanted to bring my camera. The problem is, not ONE of my bags in my collection could fit my digital camera and it’s such a hassle to carry around. These bags are designed to carry your camera in style and even has a little pocket for your ID, cash, and cards. I made it just big enough to fit your camera and some other evening essentials. I’ve made lots of beautiful bags and there will be heaps more to come. Perfect to dress up your christmas party outfit! Check them out in my etsy store.

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