How To (Order from Megnificent Made)

Or any etsy store really.

I’ve had some confusion on how the etsy store works and how to order items. I hope this post will make it clearer what options you have available for payment and how your order is processed.

First thing you need to know is that behind every Etsy shop is a human being that sees and processes every order. Unlike big websites like Amazon, we see and manually handle everything that comes through our store so you can ask questions and be assured that mistakes, in most cases, will be caught and help can be given.

Another thing you need to know is that if you are ordering items that come from different etsy sellers, each item will be paid as a separate order with separate shipping as they are coming from separate people in separate places.

And finally, you do need to be a member of etsy to purchase on etsy. This is usually the case with most online stores. You need to be able to sign into etsy the same way you would sign into ebay or amazon. Go ahead and create a user name and log in. It’s a great place to join! I also recommend signing up for the newsletter, they send along really great selections from etsy sellers every day and it’s a great way to find gifts.

How To (Order on MegnificentMade)

The first thing you will see is your shopping cart. Every time you select an item for purchase it gets put in your shopping cart. At this point you can order or you can continue shopping. An item in your shopping cart has not been purchased yet! If you’re shopping around you can get back to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart link in the upper left corner of the screen. This feature is pretty much the same as online store and I don’t expect any problems here. If you’re ready to check out, click on check out!

How To (Order on MegnificentMade)

This next screen is where you commit to buying your item. On this screen you will see your item added with the shipping and handling total. If you’ve purchased from multiple shops, each shop will show it’s item (or more than one) added up with the shipping charges for a total charge. Often if you purchase more than one item, there will be an initial charge for shipping, and a few dollars shipping extra per additional item. This is where the human beings behind the stores is a big plus. We put in these prices as a general guide but many etsy sellers will refund excess shipping charges if they turn out to be more than necessary.

On this screen you can also add information you’d like to share with the seller. If you have a custom item you can add details here. At the Megnificent Made store I sell fabric notebooks and the buyer has a choice as to what kind of writing utensils and paper they’d like included. This is where you can share that information. If you are purchasing a Megnificent Made Custom Coloring Book, you can give little bits of information like how you will be getting your photos to me or any special instructions.

When you click on COMMIT TO BUY, you’ve placed your order.

How To (Order on MegnificentMade)

The next step is to enter your shipping details. If you’re a regular on etsy you normally have an address saved. If you’re ordering from paypal you will be entering an address in the paypal forms as well. This is the address I use for shipping regardless of what you enter in your paypal form. Make sure this is where you want your items to arrive!

How To (Order on MegnificentMade)

This window is important. With the etsy store, Ordering and Paying are two different activities. Most etsy stores accept paypal because as an etsy seller paypal is used to pay our shop bills. You can see what other options your seller accepts near where I’ve placed the pink “X”. This seller takes money order or check. The Megnificent Made shop accepts Money Order and you can find more about where to send, and who to make them out to under the seller’s profile.

If you’re paying by check or money order, your internet steps end here. Get to the bank and send out your payment. As an etsy seller we can see in our website who bought something and we have the option of checking a box next to your name when payment is received and when we have shipped the item. When we get your payment in the mail, we go into the shop and check that box. When we get email notification of your paypal payment, we go into the shop and check that box. It’s a human involved activity and you can expect contact from us if there is an issue with payment. You can also contact us at any time.

If you’re using paypal, go right ahead and click “Pay Now”

A lot of people don’t realize that you can pay with credit card without being a paypal member. To use this option click “Pay Now”

How To (Order on MegnificentMade)

Again, if you pay with paypal, go right ahead and sign in.

It is often overlooked but I’ve highlighted here that you can pay with credit card without being a paypal member. Follow those links to go through the process.

Remember, at any time you can contact your seller and the etsy store is a much more human involved process than big shopping websites. We’re here to help! Happy shopping! Etsy is a wonderful place.

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