In Stitches for Christmas

I’m very busy making a very hand-made christmas this year. I wish I could share all my ideas with you so you could put them to use before christmas yourselves, but I can’t give away surprises before the holiday!

There is one bit I can share, as I don’t think these little girls are surfing the internet on their own yet. Normally, I’d recommend the Megnificent Made Custom Coloring books for kids this Christmas, but these kids were my guinea pigs and already tote their coloring books everywhere.

Instead I’m putting together a tea party for my two little nieces Bella and Riley. Since I’m far away, Riley had asked my mom if she could have a tea party with me when I came back. I thought that was sweet and have ever since been looking for a tea pot but have been hesitant to buy one she won’t feel like she can play with.

In Stitches for Christmas

I found this great pattern for felt tea pots, cups, and saucers at UmeCraft‘s Etsy Store. I’ve been sewing away to make a fantasy tea party with embroidered table wear and beautiful felt cupcakes, cake, ice cream and fruit.

In Stitches for ChristmasIgnore the blue lines! They’re fabric pen and will fade by tomorrow.  The pot Has the initials of both girls, and each will have their own initialed cup and saucer.

In addition to all the goodies on the table, I’ve sewn up some sitting cushions with fringe for the girls to sit on for their party, and initialed napkins for their flat wear.

In Stitches for Christmas

In Stitches for Christmas

When I get back to the states, I’ll paint up a raised cardboard box as the table with a table-cloth for them to sit at. I hope to make it an easy storage option when it’s flipped over too.

I’ll keep you posted on how the sweet treats turn out. I can’t really say I’ve ever worked with felt before, and embroidery is new for me too but I like how they’re turning out so far.

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