Sculpture by the Sea!

Last year I just missed being able to see Sculpture by the Sea, an event held every November on the Sydney coastal walk from Bondi beach to Tamarama.

Submissions are made from tons of artists and the walkway by the water is littered with all different types of artistic expression. Apparently this year had significantly fewer submissions than usual, but I thought it was quite a spectacular exhibit with the ocean in the background! Here are just a few of my favorites…

Sculpture by the sea

These panels of colored plexy glass looked beautiful over lapping on the beach. My house-mate Cindy was a trooper and made it out at sunrise for some beautiful photography of this sculpture.

Sculpture by the seaI loved this horse and rider at the park mid-way on the walk. He is woven completely out of what looks like hay!

Sculpture by the seaThere were a few of these metal wire sculptures near the beginning of the walk. They looked like 3d sketches!

Sculpture by the seaThis was the first thing I saw… and it saw me too! It was a bit creepy but clever use of the space I thought!

If you’re in Sydney, Australia and you have a chance to check out Sculpture by the Sea I highly recommend it. Start out in Tamarama and walk your way along the coast to Bondi Beach. You can catch a bus to anywhere from there!

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One Response to “Sculpture by the Sea!”

  1. DillSeed Says:

    a very clever parody indeed

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