Aussie Swap…Aussie Flop!

I did go to the Aussie swap yesterday, unfortunately it wasn’t a great experience. I have no photos to share because I didn’t have the opportunity, nor the space to whip out my camera.

The idea was a good one! I brought along my three items to swap and though I made pretty good contributions to the event. A keyboard, patten leather shoes (brand new!) and a pair of fossil sunglasses. By trading in your three items, you receive three tokens you can then exchange for other donated items.

There was a lot of decent stuff layed out but because they held off the “shopping” for a count down at 12:30, the crowds grew, the crowds grew angry, sunburned and piled around a few items. People were left to “rock, paper, scissor” fight over a few choice items and if they didn’t win that then good luck finding something else! By then they were already fought for and won.

Had the items been left up for first come first serve then a steady stream of people trickling in, leaving items, and finding their swaps could have given more opportunity to find little treasures without fighting through angry crowds of people.

I fell in love with a wool coat I was quite looking forward to taking back to New York with me this winter and stood by it for 45 minutes getting burned in the sun. In the last minutes before the count down to the swap was called, another swapper came by, put it on and was ready to walk away with it (not understanding the rules). After all my waiting my scissors lost to her rock at the start of the swap and having to walk away from my choice item empty-handed, there was no chance to get through the crowds to even see what else I might like.

I now have an ugly blue and pink sweat shirt that will be someone’s gag gift, a pair of cup cake pyjama pants I can at least cut up and recycle the fabric…and a strange drinking game. I thought it was a light up simon-says type game but as I got it out of the crowd to see what I grabbed I realized the light up contraption was a space to slam down your shot glasses as you race your friends to oblivion.

The best part about the game would be the warnings. This drinking game is not suitable for children under 36 months…because of the small parts! The game is not “intended” for use with alcohol. In addition, while the object is to slam your shot glass down on the electronic game board while heavily intoxicated, the game box warns that slamming too hard will break it!

Unless some major changes are made to the Aussie Swap, I don’t see myself wasting my time at this event again. I’m far better off going to thrift stores and finding my treasures where no one will fight me for them. I had three nice items, now I have three much less than nice items that will find themselves donated soon!

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