How-To (Carve a Rubber Stamp!)

Carving your own rubber stamps can add a beautiful and professional touch to your hand-made items. It’s so easy to do and worth the time it takes to carve.

I’ll be carving a version of the Megnificent Made logo to stamp my shipping products with. For this project you’ll need a printed or hand drawn design, a stamp pad, carving tools (speedball makes really great gouges with interchangable nibs), and a rubber eraser or carving block.

I’m using ezy carve printing blocks by Renoir. They’re really really easy to carve and cut like butter! I have memories of carving blocks in high school and struggling to get through the materials and gouging my hands with our super sharp carving tools….but no worries these blocks are heaps better!

I used a printed piece of artwork for this stamp. If you’re artsy you can draw your artwork right on your carving surface and skip this step. If you are using printed work, color in the image with a soft drawing pencil.

Stamp Carving7

Put your artwork face down on your carving surface and tape it in place.

Stamp Carving6

Rub the back of your artwork with a pencil, credit card, or bone folder. This presses the pencil off of the paper and transfers it to the carving block.

Stamp Carving5

Your image should show up nice and clear! It’s backwards but that’s perfect for a stamp…

Stamp Carving4

Use a sharpie marker to darken in your image and keep it from smudging while you carve.

Stamp Carving3

Use your various sized carving gouges to carve away the negative space of your design.

Stamp Carving2

Stamp Away!

Stamp Carving1

You may find after your first stamping that there are some high spots in the block leaving ink on your page. Carve them back further as you find them.

You can mount your stamps on wood blocks for a more professional look. Some craft stores sell stamp handles. Clear ones are best so you can see where to line up your stamp.

Good luck and happy carving!

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10 Responses to “How-To (Carve a Rubber Stamp!)”

  1. Amy Says:

    Love it! I remember carving out a rubber stamp art in school art class too. Will have to find the materials to make my own 😀

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  5. Kim Says:

    How do you mount the stamp to a wood handle/block? I’ve carved stamps but I haven’t succeded with the mount yet…

  6. Margot Says:

    Use to make similar ones in school during art classes… miss those times a lot 🙂

  7. Amanda Says:

    Great tutorial! Will have to give this a try 🙂

  8. megnificentmade Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    I haven’t mounted stamps before either but the craft stores sell clear backed stamp mounts that I’m sure have instructions on adhesive. I’ll look into it when I’m in the store next!

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