This little Piggy went to the Fabric Store

Cut Cut Snip SnipI got some work done this morning before we went to the park with our two little guinea pigs. I had a whole new heap of fabric to work with and I’m glad to announce later this week the addition of new goodies in the shop. Here is a stack of fabric waiting to be pinned and sewn!


This book in particular I am excited about. At the moment it will be LIMITED EDITION…which only means I am hunting for more fabric to make more. I’d like one to keep myself but I’ve already selected things to keep and I can’t have them all!

New Fabric!

My trip to the fabric store wasn’t all work…I did find this beautiful food and tea pot print. I love the colors and the patterns. I can’t decide what I’d like to make with it though….kitchen curtains, place matts, or I could use it on backing for a set of tall shelves I just added to the kitchen. We need curtains but I’d like to use it all over…I know I can’t and shouldnt!

As curtains I think it might look nice with big red straps holding them back. I’ll keep you posted on what becomes of it. I have more for the store as well…we’ll see what kitchen related stuff I can come up with!


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