I’ve come across a lovely Sydney based artist named Kate Banazi that works mostly in silk screen.

I LOVE silk screened art as it is one of the first times I really got involved in design and discovered how much i love it. It’s something I’d like to get into again once I have the money to invest in quality inks and screens.

Her prints are beautiful and dizzying combination of graphic, color and shape. There is so much fine texture overlapping they feel like they’re in motion.

I also like the way she combines photographic images with a vintage feel, with boldly colored graphic patterns.

It’s not as though I’ve found one I don’t like yet but I really love this one:

Sunscreen Screenprint

"Sunscreen Screenprint" by Kate Banazi

You can check out Kate Banazi’s work for sale on Etsy at Alyoisiusspyker’s Shop. She has additional work for sale on her website at Don’t forget to check out her blog too!

I’d like to send out a thank you to pretty*swell at She took the time to make a lovely post about my etsy store. Please take the time to stop by her blog and see what creative work she’s been up to!

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