A “Day Off”

I needed a break from sewing while I wait (and hopefully not too long) for things with my store to kick up, so I spent the day organizing the front room of our apartment into a home office.

After sending out my first to packages  I celebrated with cake and a kool-aid popsicle which isn’t all that different from a regular day. But I really enjoyed packaging my first sales with ribbons and tags and taking them off to the post office (which is conveniently around the corner).

The front room is at the corner of the apartment and has heaps of light and big windows. The lighting is perfect for photographing my etsy goods.

Graham used the room as his office when he was finishing his PhD and now it gets very little attention. There’s a desk and plenty of shelf space to hold all of the ikea boxes I’ve stuffed with finished products and fabrics. At the end of the room is a little purple couch where I can sit and do my laptop work in the morning.

Home Office 1

The room has a lot of Graham’s photography he had framed and these posters that we picked out when I took him to NYC. We got them at a little movie shop along with a dvd of an old sci-fi flick called “TOBOR” about a robot that goes on a rampage. It’s fantasticly bad! My favorite is the “Vertigo” poster by Saul Bass. I love his style 🙂

From the desk I have a top-notch view of the happenings on my street. For some reason people forget that people live in these buildings and they often sit on the wall outside the window and play out bizarrely personal bits of their lives right there on the curb. It’s like a soap opera in my window and even has reoccurring characters. While these curtains aren’t the prettiest, I can see out but they can’t see in 🙂 I wonder if they notice that my sewing machine stops when they start speaking?


Home Office 2

In addition to cleaning out the front room and sending my first packages, I built an awful lot of furniture…and not that easy ikea flat pack either! The new drawers and tables were all for the bedroom, but one of the old set of drawers to be replaced I moved into the office. It’s not the prettiest thing and it’s missing a knob but I’d like to get crafty with it. I’ll let you know when I do! In the mean time it’s full of all of my sewing bits and bobs, and packing tags and string.

I think this means I’ll have to get back to sewing now that this new space is calling to me. I feel much more prepared to get back into it though.

While I’m doing that….pop on into MegnificentMade.etsy.com and shop shop shop!

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