Fabric Envelopes

I’ve been surfing around the web trying to find out what the world of craft holds for Sydney. I discovered a great magazine here called Frankie that not only features music and fashion, but also has a huge connection to the craft and arts world. Unlike a lot of other craft related magazines, Frankie doesn’t target the “country craft”. Not to insult those involved, but this is more my style 🙂

The Frankie website has also lead to a lot of great links to crafters in Australia, resources for supplies, and events I’d like to possibly get involved in.

One such link is Design*Sponge! In particular they have a great project for fabric envelopes.


Design*Sponge Envelope

Fabric Envelope from Design*Sponge

They’re beautiful for keepsakes and I have heaps of fabric scraps around that I can’t use to make more books. I’ve been tucking them away and hoping to find a use for them. I’d like to see how I could incorporate these envelopes into my packaging for my current items or others. I’d like to stamp it with a cute logo and customers could then recycle it into storage around their home.

The best bit is there is very little sewing involved. It’s held together with iron-fusible webbing.

Thanks for the beautiful DIY Design*Sponge!

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