Photo Picking 101

Megnificent Made will turn your photos into coloring book pages that easily tuck into their hand made fabric books. Parents will love seeing what creative mark their kids can put on their memories, and kids will love coloring in the people and places they know.

The book is hand made in bright, fun cotton fabrics and closes tight with velcro. They feature pockets to hold your children’s crayons and a fabric flap that will protect their artwork. The book has a sturdy cardboard backing sewn into the book so the kids can color in their lap on the go.

Each coloring book page measures 5×7 and is single sided so that their artwork can be easily framed. It’s a creative twist on framing your vacation photos!

With the purchase of each hand made fabric coloring book, you’ll receive crayons and 14 custom coloring pages. Before making your purchase, have a selection of 12 photos of family fun, vacation and memorable moments ready to send to

A set of 12 extra photos can be purchased for $4 without extra charge for shipping.

The book is easily refilled with more photo pages or even blank copy paper making it a long lasting carry along to keep your kids busy.


This post is to help guide customers in selecting photos for their coloring books. Any photo can be turned into a coloring book page, but following these tips will help you choose photos that turn out clearer and easier for kids to color.

The first key is to think of how simple coloring book pages are. Often they feature one or two characters drawn in simple outlines.

Choose photographs that have a definite focal point. Portraits work well. The main subject should fill the majority of the space in the photograph because backgrounds can be busy and distracting. Photos may be cropped to minimize background noise. Large groups of people are difficult as well. Many people in a portrait mean the faces will be smaller and the detail will not be as clear. Small faces are also more difficult for kids to color!


In this photo you can see that my niece is front and center and absorbs the majority of the space. Her features are all clearly visible because the size is large enough and yet there is plenty of space to color. Note that the leaves in the background translate to a very busy and abstract space…shaggy carpets, shaggy dogs, waves and other non-definite shaped objects have potential to result this way!

Be aware of the contrast (brightness and darkness) of your photos
If you send a photo with a dark background and a very light foreground, you may lose a lot of the detail in the lighter part of the image. To preserve detail in lighter areas of the image, there could be a loss of detail in darker areas.

For example; if you’re wearing all black in a photo, chances are that area will print as mostly black or gray ink because otherwise features may be lost in lighter areas of the image such as your face!

Steps will be taken in editing to avoid there being too much black space (space kids can’t color for themselves!) but it may not always be possible to avoid it all together.

Images may be cropped
In order to get a clean image, crops may be made on your photo. Nothing important like faces or people will be cut if it is an obvious focus. Cropping is a good way to make the focal point more obvious in the photo. It can cut out busy backgrounds and make clean drawing surfaces such as faces larger.

Places are interesting too!
Kids would love to color in the places they know. Grandma’s house, a family cottage, the beach, a backyard; are all place a kid can add their creativity to. They can draw in the people they love and the things they like to do there. Take a photo of your car empty in the drive way and let them color it in as it will be packed for a trip. And who will be coming in the car?
This is a photo used in the coloring book I gave to my niece. Her book featured photos from our summer vacation and this one in particular is of the big pink house we rented for the week. She had mentioned it was her favorite part of the trip and she loved coloring this one in. As you can see, the plants are very detailed and therefore result in a lot of dark ink in the coloring book page. The dark car also prints with a lot of black area. The photo still features a lot of coloring space however, and works well!

Any questions or concerns with the photos you have sent will be addressed in an email. If you follow these tips the creation of your coloring book should go seamlessly!

I suggest that you collect your photos before making your purchase in the Megnificent Made Etsy Store. Your purchase of a coloring book allows for 14 photographs at 5×7 for coloring, and for an extra $4 you can add another 12. The pages are refillable and you can order more at any time!

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  1. thepurplefinch Says:

    such a cool product

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