I’m Packin’

Although I set some pretty high goals for the week I think I am in range of reaching them! I say this as it is midday on friday and I have some bags to finish sewing but regardless I have done well.

I managed to finish all of my packing materials. It was kind of on the back burner but I am happy to see it completed and off my mind.

The packing envelopes were hand printed and turned into hand turkies and octopus saying thank you for buying hand made.

Shipping envelopes

I made about 200 total product tags which I hope (or maybe I don’t hope?) will last me a while. The camera bags will have one of these camera tags with button lenses tucked inside.

camera tags

camera tags back

And the coloring books will have one of these logo tags tied on. Each has a different ribbon and button. There are lots of fun bright colors and patterns 🙂

book tags

I’m looking forward to finally getting to send some out and get some feed back.

On top of all of this, the fabric I ordered for the coloring books has arrived and once I’ve finished the last of the bags I’ll be making books. My goal for the next week will be to stock pile those!

But if I want to make it to that goal I’ll need to get myself off the computer and back to sewing. I’ll keep you all posted on the very eminent grand opening of Megnificent Made!

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