Put on your Evening Camera

I nabbed this cute pattern for a camera bag wristlet. The designer was using some cute prints for hers but I thought it would be more fun to turn it into an evening bag. I can’t think of how often I get all dressed up and can’t cram my camera into my evening bag! I think a lot of ladies would be interested in disguising their camera in a cute wristlet like this…


The bag has a great little pocket on the back to hold ID, cards and cash, and it is held shut by the wristlet straps.


The design overall is very nice but there are several things I’d like to change. For one, its much too small! I can’t fit any of my cannon point and shoots in there. The camera pictured here is an itty bitty National Geographic give-away camera we had laying around. Not only would I like to accommodate slightly larger cameras, but if the idea is to serve as an evening camera bag, it’d be nice if other evening-out essentials could tuck in as well.


Second, I think I’d like to add in a piece of cord so you could throw it over your shoulder if you like. The kind that can be easily tucked into the bag if you’d still like to use it as a wristlet.

Well, this is my project for today, toying with the pattern to make it suit my needs! Let me know what you think…especially the camera toting ladies 🙂

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One Response to “Put on your Evening Camera”

  1. Diana Says:

    i love this idea! and it’s so CUTE:) i always have that dilemma, where i need to be somewhere, like a wedding (which i’ve been to ten in the last year and a half), and have nowhere to put my stuff! i like the idea of making it bigger so that you can fit your camera, cards, and maybe like a lipstick, breathmints…etc. good luck megan:)

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