Kick Start

Hello and welcome to the Megnificent Made Blog!

I’ve just gotten things started here setting up my Etsy store, designing logos and making prototypes.

Along with this blog, you can follow my progress along in the Megnificent Made Etsy store, which will be opening once I’ve made some items to sell. While you’re at it, check out Megnificent Made on Flickr too!

Riley's Gift

My first product will be a custom coloring book in a beautiful little stitched book. My original is a birthday gift for my niece Riley. Its made out of old pants and dresses and filled with photos from our recent trip to Cape May NJ for her to color in. It will be so fun to see what creative twist she puts on our memories šŸ™‚

I like the hand stitching, although it isn’t very practical for mass production.

Pencils and Beads

The beading is an extra touch as well… it is my niece after all.

Riley's pages

This is my beautiful niece Riley, and I hope she enjoys her coloring book. I imagine there is a lot of appeal for parents to see how their children remember events. It could be an annual gift to give a custom coloring book full of the year in photos.

crayon book

For my second try and building a pattern I again resorted to cutting up old cloths and learned a valuable lesson! Trial and error will get me there…and one error is using stretchy t-shirts. While I wanted my bright red stitching to show, pulling and stretching the fabric over the cardboard frame caused a lot of stretching and warping in the seams.

Crayon book inside

Positives for this experiment? Well the colors and patterns were fun to work with, but more importantly the larger size allows for 5×7 size coloring book pages. That means parents can frame their favorite works of art easily!

Its not practical for pencils, but this larger size will hold LOTS of crayons too. And the more color the better!

Today I get the joy of picking out and ordering fabrics, which should be pretty enjoyable! I’ll let you know what goodies come in the mail šŸ™‚

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4 Responses to “Kick Start”

  1. Marcy Says:

    I love this idea! I might have to make one for my toddler for Christmas or birthday. Thanks!

  2. megnificentmade Says:

    If you can wait a bit you can buy one from MegnificentMade!

  3. Peg Says:

    I love this blog! Even though you are far away I get to see your work as it progresses. You better send me a book soon – I already have a handfull of people who would love to buy them!

  4. Craft Show Virgin! « Megnificent Made's Blog Says:

    […] brother shared with me today that my sweet little niece Riley, my inspiration and recipient of the first custom coloring book, is taking it to school with her tomorrow for her first show and tell. I’m so honored! Would […]

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